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... lp with moods so I decided to take it again. After returning to the Doctor she put me on Estrogen for my hotflashes. I have been on it for over a month and the hot flashes have greatly reduced. ... (2 replies)
... I just wanted to comment on my experience with Strattera. I took it for a month, but had to quit since the HOT FLASHES were horrible! I had never had this happen before with any other drug. It frightened me enough to stop taking it. ... (2 replies)
... ughter took Stratterra, she constantly stayed hot. In the beginning she would literally have sweat running down her neck and back. She would also have periods of hot flashes where her face would flush red and she would get a pounding headache. What does that sound like? ... (11 replies)

... Ok I have had it with this medicine! The side effects are now so annoying that I have made an appt to see my Dr Tommorrow. I have taken Strattera for 3 months now and the daily clear thinking is gone. All I have left is that I wake up at 6am every day. That's it. ... (20 replies)
... I've been on Strattera for 6th months. I was newly diagnosed with ADHD and am 24 year old male. ... (6 replies)
... Has Strattera worked for you yet? ... (2 replies)
... I am 18 years old, going on 19, ive always known I have had ADD but it has never really affected me that bad until Now, in college with these long classes, I went to the doctor, she gave me strattera, I just went off the 25 mg and now am up to 40 MG, i have seen alot of negative results with strattera? can somebody explain there experiences with this? I have had Cold/Hot... (3 replies)
... I was on Strattera for about 4 months and had good results. I calmed my hyperactivity slightly and increased my attention slightly. ... (21 replies)
... has anyone been on strattera before or currently? ... (14 replies)
... My daughter is 10 years old and when she went past the 25 mgs., she started showing signs of elevated blood pressure such as pounding headaches, hot flashes and flushing red in her face. This didn't start until she had been on the medication for a week or two. ... (20 replies)
... I have been on Strattera for 2 wks now taking 20 mg. and on day 2 of taking 40mg. ... (4 replies)
Adult ADD
Aug 1, 2005
... I really thought that Strattera was this magical pill that was going to change me into the person I always wanted to be. Then reality hit. It did help me focus. ... (5 replies)
... How many take strattera and a stimulant. I am sick of Strattera. Gives me hot flashes, get dizzy if I stand up too quickly and it is expensive. I want to try concerta. Stims used to work okay, but they washe out of my system too quickly. ... (4 replies)
Jan 4, 2004
... I've been on Strattera since August of this last summer. I went through the few months of constipation, but with lots of fiber and drinking more water, I conquered that symptom. ... (4 replies)
Jul 23, 2003
... Hi There! I am 29 and I just started Strattera about 6 days ago. I am having the same exact side effects including the cold sweats and the increased irritability. ... (68 replies)
... The hot flushes and becoming sweaty, especially around the neck area is something I live with everyday with the Strattera. ... (9 replies)
... Hey, I am a 22 yr old male with ADHD, just attention part, I have been on Strattera for about 3 months, I have gotten hot flashes and cold flashes, headaches and head rushes when I get up from a chair or bending down to get something. ... (9 replies)
... thanks so much for your replies, just a relief I guess to hear from someone else on it. like I said I did take 1 pill and i could tell a difference. I did have hot/cold flashes. not enough to stop taking it and I felt kinda like I was in a zone. my husband rides horses which would trigger panic attacks on me . and on the day i took this dose I went along and i didnt have a... (14 replies)
... I did have her blood pressure checked and it registered normal however the nurse said unless she was having one of those hot flashes, it would not show up as elevated. Something was certainly going on as all of that has gone away since stopping the medication. ... (5 replies)
Jul 26, 2003
... Concerta, because so far, 1 wk in, it is working great. Strattera sucked, dizzy when standing up, hot flashes, drowziness, forget it. ... (9 replies)

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