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... that find Concerta is effective. Again, even if you've tried a racemic methylphenidate option, you may have success with Focalin, which is dextromethylphenidate only. ... (9 replies)
... eliminates the rebound. It is therefore possible that people taking either Strattera or a tricyclic antidepressant in combination with a stimulant may not experience as much of a rebound as those taking a stimulant alone. ... (11 replies)
... Bob, you know how I hate to disagree with you, so I'll keep it short and hope you'll forgive me one of these days. ... (35 replies)

... o gay male, just started taking Strattera 9 days ago. Am also on 20 mgs. ... (128 replies)
... no reason.The Dr. put him on 36mg of concerta,and that worked for a little while but he got use to it pretty quick.A month later he added 5mg of focalin to take in the evening in addition to the concerta.My son did very well for about two months. ... (7 replies)
... mornings and 60mg strattera in late afternoon. ... (22 replies)
... You may have already tried these. If not it might be worth talking to your doc about it. I hear Strattera can help some with ADHD and it is not a stimulant. Maybe you are sensitive to stimulants for some reason. Another to consider would be Welbutrin. ... (4 replies)
... old son with ADD. He has been on Adderall since he was diagnosed in the second grade. In the past year, his family MD wanted to try Strattera, which was useless. Then he was prescribed Concerta and that was not as effective as the Adderall. ... (0 replies)
Mar 16, 2011
... type. And no other medical problems contraindicate the use of stimulant meds. And the stimulant is dosed within their narrow window of efficacy. Stimulants help with attention up to the top of a very narrow bell curve of efficacy. A dose just over the peak begins to adversely affect attention. ... (27 replies)
... My son had alot of trouble with loss of appetite on Strattera. A wise person told me the best thing to do was to try to get more calories into him in liquid form. That worked well for us. They may not feel like eating, but they still get thirsty so make sure his drinks have alot of calories. ... (6 replies)
... I would discuss things with your doctor very honestly and see if he has any ideas. You have some misconceptions that concern me, and your Adderall dose seems somewhat high. My understanding is that recommended dosages for Adderall top out in the 40mg range for ADHD, and 60mg for narcolepsy. ... (10 replies)
Jul 15, 2006
... Tough questions best left in the hands of a trained professional. What are Adderall's long term effects? ... (3 replies)
... for the past 3 years. His main problems are impulsivity and depression. He was diagnosed with ADHD four years ago. Our psychiatrist just recommended we try Strattera, as we've had growing concerns about his sleeping and eating habits. ... (2 replies)
... mo and has no clue how to manage an ADD patient. I'm trying to get an appointment with one of the "referral" docs listed in my area on Dr. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks index! I've reread the thread several times and even had my husband read it at lunch time. I've obviously in my post not told the 'entire story' which of course had I done that, may provide additional insight into my son's situation. ... (23 replies)
... for me to complain and rant. I certainly have a lot of complaints, and sometimes the stress is overwhelming for the spouse of an ADHD sufferer. I have problems with brain fog from Lupus and Fibromyalgia, so I can uniquely identify with some of my husband's problems with ADHD. ... (35 replies)
... While it is sometimes used off label for treatment of ADHD, Wellbutrin is not approved for that purpose and I'm not familiar with any studies where it had any conclusive effects. ... (7 replies)
... but only in the sense that it came out of Lilly's antidepression program in the 1980's. ... (18 replies)
... I have a 9 yo son who has been on Adderall for about 2 years now...He started Strattera 40 mg almost 3 weeks ago. I was advised by his neurologist to keep him on the Adderall for 2 weeks, as it took at least that long for the Strattera to work. ... (11 replies)
... LLinder, my son did not fare well on Concerta. He too became very emotional and then I discovered he was not sleeping at all which put him in a very bad mood. He then switched to Adderall which he did well on but once again we were moving his mg's up too often. ... (10 replies)

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