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... Report all Strattera side effects here, for the purpose of research, public awareness and safety. ... (4 replies)
... I just want to share my experiences with you. My daughter, who is 15 is on Strattera and has been on it for 2 months now. She has been on just about all of the other ADHD medications and Strattera is the ONLY one that is working for her. ... (21 replies)
? about Strattera
Oct 11, 2008
... was placed on Strattera when it was still considered a "new" drug. He too was a thin boy...but mostly due to high energy levels and genetics. He did not lose weight while on the drug, but he did have a difference in appetite. ... (2 replies)

... I don't know about anyone else, espescially since one of Strattera's side effects is supposed to make you lose weight, but since I started Strattera about 3 weeks ago my appetite has increased so much. I feel like I can eat sooo much and I have cravings for fat foods. ... (0 replies)
... i think it depends on the person.... i've always had a very slow metabolism, and a weight problem, so when i got on adderall the first time, i lost about 40 lbs, but it was 40 lbs i needed to lose. ... (6 replies)
... years and I am not about to give up hope. But it feels like whatever meds I try will just make me too skinny. I am already very thin to begin with and cannot lose weight. Has anyone else dealt with this? ... (1 replies)
... together I lose 30 lbs in a month. But the sweating is insane. ... (5 replies)
... I have been on strattera since at least 2009, taking it at night before bed the entire time. ... (0 replies)
... My daughter has now been on Strattera for over a month and at first she had a few side effects. Well, she just got her report card and ALL of her grades have been brought up. ... (23 replies)
Bummed out
Aug 18, 2005
... made my weight loss problems even worse. I don't even feel like I am eating less than normally but clothes that were once almost too tight are now falling off of me. ... (0 replies)
... o boy. He is on Wellbutrin 150mg 2X daily but is having trouble concentrating still. He was on a stimulant at first and was unable to sleep and lost weight he couldn't afford to lose etc. ... (23 replies)
... Thanks for responding so quickly! My daughter is quite petite to begin with so the weight loss was noticeable. I think it was around 10 pounds. She's 5'6" and now weighs about 115. She really can't afford to lose anymore. ... (6 replies)
Any advice?
Aug 24, 2005
... So I am about to give up on meds. Everythings seems to make me lose weight. ... (4 replies)
... ll. I can finish things around the house, and I dont get frusterated anymore, and I love it, it does not have all the side effects like the others do. you don't lose weight, you don't have a speedy feeling, you just can finish things, it is great. ... (15 replies)
Jun 28, 2005
... Hello, I was diagnosed with ADD about 3 months ago. The Dr. put me on strattera, I tried it for about 8 weeks and it didnt help me at all(except to lose weight). I asked to try another medication maybe ritalin or adderall but she said no to those and wanted me to try cylert. I had never heard of this medication and did a little research on it and it seems to be very dangerous... (4 replies)
... Hi. First, I would like to say God Bless you and your family. My 12 yr. old son was diagnosed with ADHD 4 yrs. ago. No one truly understands the strength and compassion that a parent of a child with this disorder MUST have. To this day I am still unsure of whether of not ADHD is actually what my child has. Yes, I am skeptical. He is a very smart kid and very lovable. ... (5 replies)
... stops it from blocking a key pathway in the brain that relates to sexual dysfunction. It also boosts your norepinephrine levels, in a slightly different way than Strattera does. ... (18 replies)
... only shot at symptom relief. I quit the Effexor because I felt I was not getting sufficient benefit to justify the price in terms of side effects. It seems that Strattera has many of the same side effects as the Effexor, but if it helps me with the "mind problems," I'll tolerate the side effects. ... (10 replies)
My ADHD type
Jun 27, 2009
... can't follow through, easily lose my train of thought, absentmindedness. ... (11 replies)
... We also added an SSRI to the mix with the Wellbutrin. I was scared to death of taking an SSRI bec I feared weight gain. She had reservations about a stimulant due to my eating disorder....but since I was training for Boston, I was not motivated to lose additonal weight. ... (31 replies)

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