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... I am new to this board, I am trying to learn as much as possible about Strattera as I have just begun taking it. My doctor gave me one of the sample boxes. He said nothing about weight having anything to do with the dosage. ... (2 replies)
... while on Strattera virtually disappeared, his general activity level greatly decreased, and he could eat and sleep normally. ... (14 replies)
... and has been on Strattera since March. He ALSO takes 36mg of Concerta with it. The combination of the two medications works very well for him. The Strattera reduces his general activity level and controls his anxiety, and it prevents the let down when the Concerta wears off. ... (14 replies)

... I appriciate all the feed back good or bad.Its weird cause I dropped the concerta to 36mg instead of 54mg and we started the strattera also.but my son has also been on paxil cr for a year now. ... (14 replies)
... I'm 22 years old and I started taking Strattera 4 days ago. ... (128 replies)
... I had the same problems that after a few months that included cloudy urine and testicular pain a bit later. The testicular pain was intense and caused nausea at points. An ultrasound revealed no torsion and an physical examination did reveal a rather enlarged prostate. A friend on the drug had the same problems after 6 months or so on the drug. This drug may be better with... (21 replies)
... rgasms were also completely dry. It felt like I had a huge amount of pressure added to my groin immediately after beginning climax. This subsided for 3 hours one night and hept me awake. It felt like I had a gallon of water in me and I had to urinate, but I could not. Sometimes I would feel this even when I did not have sex. ... (21 replies)
... This child should be evaluated for the possiblity of childhood onset bipolar disorder. This can often look like ADHD (often like ADHD and ODD) when it occurs in children and is VERY frequently misdiagnosed as such. When this happens and medication is given (both stimulants and antidepressants/Strattera), manic episodes can be triggered and aggressive behaviour is... (7 replies)
... Just fyi my son wet the bed til he was 6, even then he had to get up and pee a couple of times a night. During the day he peed alot. Since he's been on Strattera there are nights when he doesn't get up at all and he goes less frequently during the day also. ... (14 replies)
... I was fascinated to read this, jboon, because we're seeing the same results with the combination although we've done the combination in reverse. My son has been on straterra for several months. We have recently begun very slowly and very cautiously adding Metadate (same drug as Concerta, just a different delivery system). I was really worried about adding the stimulant to... (14 replies)
... I'm glad he is doing well in school too, my nephew is also doing well too. The whole world is on medication, but that will change. Lately the drug co's have been convicted of misrepresentation(Neurontin) and also hiding negative clinical trials(Paxil), and some health risks such as diabetes(Zyprexa), so the confidence in psychiatric drugs is diminishing. (22 replies)
... He had Cub Scouts last night, he was happy, he participated, he loves life again!! My dh and I sat there last night and could not believe how mature he is. ... (22 replies)
... Poor sense of direction and easily confused especially at night or when conditions are not optimal for driving. ... (14 replies)
... I also agree with Thunor's musings about the use of stimulants in depression. I assume the doctor who thinks the two are incompatible is a GP and a not a psychiatrist because it simply isn't true. ... (6 replies)
... She told me today he is 160 miles away in a hospital just outside the NYC burrows! We live in upstate NY and the doc we use is the only one around for over 60 miles in any direction that can medicate children , before the county hired him we had to drive over an hour one way to get to the nearest psychiatrist for children. Something in my nephews brain doesnt quite work... (128 replies)
... Start with 25MG of Strattera for the first 4 days, then 40MG, then 50MG. ... (2 replies)
... Does anyone know whether it is safe to use Strattera and Concerta together? ... (11 replies)
... has been on strattera and Ritalin for not quite three weeks. ... (8 replies)
Sep 24, 2003
... I responded to your comment on the other Concerta post, but I'll add a bit more information here. My son's use of Concerta created a positive life change for our entire family. ... (7 replies)
... She put me on the Strattera because of my other fibromyalgia meds. ... (17 replies)

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