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... I'm a 24 year old male...busy schedule..lots of studying etc etc... recently diagnosed with ADD... Been on strattera for about 9 months now...gone up and down in dosage.. ... (1 replies)
... all the sports he plays all year. We are on week 3 has anyone had these same terrible side effects and then they go away? ... (9 replies)
... So no one has fatigue with strattera? Or has noticed any change with their endurance on any activities? (1 replies)

... ar old teen who has been taking Ritalin for ADHD with great results since 3rd grade. He is looking towards college and now can see that if he wants to compete in sports at the college level he can not take anything like Ritalin because of the NCAA Banned Drug list. ... (0 replies)
... Hi everyone, Yes I want to change to strattera,mainly because it is not a stimulant and works more on the nerotransmitters in the brain,The story I was talking about in a previous reply was a true story written by a well know doctor with adhd he discribes it as snow on a t.v set and that is how fast and kaotic things appear to them.They tend not to have friends because... (28 replies)
... Hi dquist: Do you mean you are thinking of changing the Concerta to Strattera??? Why??? Is he still depressed on the Concerta???? Has he ever been on Ritilan? You know sometimes I think ADHD has similarities to Manic Depressive Disorder. Sometimes (the odd time) he surprises us and is so agreeable and seems so happy and loves getting complimented. Other times... (28 replies)
... the conserta.we are thinking about trying strattera next week.I'm just worried about school. ... (28 replies)
Nov 12, 2003
... Only a doctor can prescribe Strattera, so ask your doctor if Strattera is right for you or your child. ... (13 replies)
... I replied on the Strattera thread, but I'll do it again here. ... (8 replies)
... I felt so sorry for him. My son started taking Strattera about 3 months ago. We saw a dramatic change from the very beginning. ... (16 replies)
... I would estimate one of the following is taking place; - The dosage is too low. - You son is not impulsive at all (something else is causing his erratic behaviour) - Your son is not taking the medication. Note that I am not fully convinced that he meets the requirements to be labelled impulsive. Parts of your description of him might suggest he is, yet other parts... (2 replies)
... to occasional silence the swing makes you worry. Will stop the Ritalin in the next week or so when we are out of school. Have to see how the summer music and sports go..if he can do it without anything but Strattera. I really worry about long term side effects.. ... (3 replies)
... Adderall and Strattera had bad side effects so he switched to taking up skateboarding and sports. ... (5 replies)
... Now, let me ask you this, why are you not open to trying strattera yet you gave your child ritalin and other stimulant medications that are related to cocaine and meth amphetamines? ... (4 replies)
... I have terrible concentration problems. I can't read, watch movies, listen to music, relax, listen to people talk, etc. without being distracted. But my distraction comes from my own thoughts. They're mostly cynical and superficial (for instance I'm always measuring myself to other people determining if I'm better off). But sometimes they're positive daydream type stuff (how... (1 replies)
... I need some advice from parents who are dealing with an ADHD child who has done great on medication. My son 11 has been on various forms of ritalin (short acting, concerta, daytrana) for the past 5 years. We've had great results in terms of helping him to focus, reducing impulsivity, more appropriate socially, etc. He's doing great in school, sports, etc. and is a very... (1 replies)
... others swear by other means of nephew has had some occassional tutoring and sports they say helped him. ... (44 replies)
... high school, he had some motivations like passing grades was required to participate in school sports and drama, both which he loved so he at least passed high school...not with flying colors though. ... (4 replies)
Another Med!!!!!
Dec 3, 2004
... mg of concerta. I must say that this summer and first start of school has been going much bettter and he is getting along great with hockey and sports so I did not want to mess with the drugs. WE tried the 18 mg and he has been in the office 3 times this week and not able to sit and focuse. ... (13 replies)
... He has gotten detention last week for talking loudly in the hallway. Has no interest in sports or any school functions. Really doesn't apply himself in school. ... (2 replies)

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