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... r boys go outside and run around the yard when they were too hyper. It seemed to work, even on the one diagnosed with ADHD. He had reactions to both Adderall and Strattera too, so now he's on nothing. ... (5 replies)
... Well I stopped the strattera 3 days ago and the throat clearing has stopped.She is still smelling her fingers but not as much.Her dr said it takes a week for strattera to get out of your system.I guess I have my answer about strattera now.She is more hyper now but I don't want her having tics permantly. ... (5 replies)
... My 6 year old daughter is on strattera and tenex.She is constantly clearing her throat and smelling her fingers.Are these tics? ... (5 replies)

... that's when he developed the 'vocal' tic! Before it was usually just eye blinking and on some meds arm movements. Anyway, on the Strattera, he was constantly clearing his throat. The point at which I decided it was not working for him was when my poor baby could not even carry on a conversation. ... (23 replies)
... My 9 yr old son was taking concerta and his tics started horrible. He switched to Strattera and they subsided almost immediately but they have come back some especially throat clearing. ... (23 replies)
... My 9 yr old son was taking concerta and his tics started horrible. He switched to Strattera and they subsided almost immediately but they have come back some especially throat clearing. ... (23 replies)
... Thanks so much for both your responses - I see that I'm not alone. We've tried a few different routines for him and they never "clicked' in the sense that they never became second nature to him -perhaps I need to havea better reward system? I guess what I need to figure out is - is he not getting anything accomplished because he is actually distracted when he is supposed... (10 replies)
... and has recently started with throat clearing. His doc said his nasal passages are swollen but when we try Nasonex it seems to make it worse. BUT .. ... (25 replies)
... She gave him Ritalin because i mentioned he had a habit of clearing his throat which she decided might be Tourets syndrome, which is more common in people with add. ... (14 replies)
... There are some threads on here about diet and food allergies. If you haven't already logged her food & caloric intake, then compared that to the intensity of the ADD/ADHD behaviors, you probably should. We did find with Z (who is now doing well on meds) that his diet plays a crucial role in his behavior. Also, for the poster who said "what now?" - behavioral therapy. ... (5 replies)
... Have you found any natural herbs that will help? My daughter (12) has been diagnosed with ADHD and is having problems with meds. Any info about alternative treatment would be appreciated. (5 replies)
... My son is 15 and went on ritalin when he was 5 and within 1 year he started getting tics. He went off ritalin and he still has the tics. He is now having problems in high school but doesn't want to take meds because they make the tics worse. I'm now looking into natural herbs to help him with his school work.. If anyone has any ideas let me know. (5 replies)
... Sapphire I hope the strattera goes well. My sons tics subsided very quickly after getting off the concerta. ... (14 replies)
... It was somewhat depressing when we had to wuit the concerta because of the tics since it had such positive results. Imentioned earlier that we have been using strattera almost two months now. ... (14 replies)
... ou must be patient, we started out at 18 mg went up to 40mg. we did the before bed thing because of the sleepyness, his tics have subsided but he does still have clearing of the throat but after about 12 to 14 weeks he has really come around!!!! We are currently doing 25mg in morning when he gets up and 18 at night before bed. ... (98 replies)
... concerta nad they subsided almost over night switching to strattera but he has the clearing of the throat now some days none other days horrible bad so pschy said because of this we should not raise dose but try twice a day. ... (98 replies)
... and he actually thanked me for helping him to sit still!! THEN, just when we thought we had a handle on it, he began audible tics. Clearing throat, humming, sticking out his tounge and blowing, etc. We could not escape the tics. ... (98 replies)
... I've been on vacation. Thanks for the reply. I have talked to both docs about my sons clearing of the throat and have been doing alot of reading. ... (98 replies)

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