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... Online's mom here. She and I had been posting about how Strattera was working for her lately and wanted to let you all know that we are quitting this drug as of today! ... (5 replies)
... Hi Jenn2013, I know this is super late, and you've probably gotten it all figured out by now, but I thought, just to make sure, Id respond. To answer your question directly, no, in my opinion it isn't dangerous. Also, your doctor's job is to make sure you're safe with your medicine, so unless youre getting some red flags, you can trust him/her. Strattera was the first... (1 replies)
... Anyhoo, I'm 51 and just started Strattera about a month ago. ... (9 replies)

... so the combo of tramadol and strattera made me REALLY hyper! ... (1 replies)
... Have any adults expirenced this... I am about 31 days on strattera(50 MG for the past 13 days). I have had positive results (see my post of 8/21 "22 successful days of strattera long)). About 3 days ago, I started experiencing something different. I felt "Spaced-out". That is to say that my head felt slightly fat and my vision was slightly blurry (more like glassy).... (8 replies)
... My son started Strattera a week ago Sunday, he started at the 18mg dosage and is now on the 25mg, he is 6 years old and around 47 lbs. ... (2 replies)
... Im 28 and just started taking strattera for ADD..I started at 25mg in the morning and it has pretty much made me "high" everytime ive taken it so far... ... (23 replies)
New to Strattera
Mar 8, 2003
... I have just been diagnosed with ADD at 23. I just started taking Strattera and Wellbutrin for four days and have noticed that my nose runs and my vision gets blurry at times. Does anyone know if this is because of the med? ... (2 replies)
Mar 31, 2003
... here was no side effects other than the first week when he was tired all the time but that straightened out. I had his pupils checked they were normal infact his vision improved on the Strattera. Then Yesterday I recieved a new perscriptin from the pharmacy with in 20 minutes of taking it Josh is dry heaving, headaches. ... (68 replies)
... dolcegator: I am about 31 days on strattera. I have had positive results (see my post of 8/21 "22 successful days of strattera long)). About 3 days ago, I started experiencing something different. I felt "Spaced-out". That is to say that my head felt slightly fat and my vision was slightly blurry (more like glassy). Although my mood is OK, I feel like I am just a little... (7 replies)
... out vision on quick rising. She was willing to put up with the side effects, but after about 3 weeks she developed severe hives and swelling of the extremities. ... (10 replies)
... dyslexia and ADHD. He does not respond well at all to Ritlin and was recently been put on Strattera. We had him evaluated by an optometrist who specialises in vision therapy and he said that our son has significant problems maintaining fusion and difficulties with eye movement coordination and convergence. ... (17 replies)
New to Strattera
Mar 8, 2003
... a few post on here have mentioned vision problems as a side effect of strattera. I do not know personally though. Read some of the other posts. ... (2 replies)
... I was first prescribed Strattera but after 2 weeks of yucky side effects I have been switched to Concerta which I have been taking for a few weeks. ... (7 replies)
... I am a 22 yr female who is diagnosed w/ ADHD. I have been taking adderoll for a couple of years, however have never taken ritalin. I am a psych major in college so I know a little about both meds and their effects though. The "high" you get when you first start on adderoll is what most Dr's are trying to get away from w/ strattera (sp), its where the addiction comes in. I... (1 replies)
... ed with ADD and low impulse control. From a very early age we recognized her unmotivated aggression and inablility to see physical tasks through. She also has vision problems that messed up much of her normal development . ... (7 replies)
... is your son still on Strattera. there is a known problem with certain vision types for this drug and it does cause enlarged pupils. You should check the insert. ... (4 replies)
... I have a son that just got off Adderall XR because of failing grades and also side effects. It wasn't helping so we quit. We had a script callled in ffpr Strattera but never picked it up. We tried the route of a vision therapist. ... (7 replies)
... any meds and went to a specialists and eye doctors before a cat scan was finally done. It was determined he had a severe sinus infection that was affecting his vision from the pressure. After antibiotics he fully recovered and has no probs since. I was reading these posts because my son just started Strattera today. ... (2 replies)

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