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... its quite common.. dont let ANYONE tell you otherwise.. ive seen two psychatrist in the last 3 weeks and im now on a healthy dose of adderall, though i want to switch to dexedrine... Both doctors agree that stimulants are a safe and healthy alternative to opiate use, for the same symptoms.. ... (9 replies)
... dexedrine is a controlled the same class as ritalin, adderall and desoxyn which are considered class 2...considered to have limited uses and very high abuse rate.. ... (18 replies)
... That surprises me cus Dexedrine isn't a controlled substance while Adderall is. If they work the same maybe I'll ask my doc to switch to dexedrine then since it's so much cheaper and easier top get. ... (18 replies)

... I want to switch from Concerta to Adderall or Dexedrine for several reasons. ... (9 replies)
... won't switch to Dexedrine then ask for Desoxyn. Desoxyn is supposed to be one of the best and rarely used meds for ADHD. ... (4 replies)
... elatively low dose so your doc might consider increasing the dose for you. However, it seems to me, that is risky. You take more, develop tolerance, take more, switch to Dexedrine, take more.... Then what? ... (1 replies)
... GSK Dexedrine Spansule 15 mg ER, total daily intake, now, 35 mg. ... (6 replies)
... is another valid Adderall abstraction. ... (27 replies)
... after a switch from Adderall which I took for close to three years. ... (6 replies)
... ch, and Dr. "doesn't prescribe Dexedrine, she hasn't had good success with it" I don't know what to do.... She treated me like a drug addict, just for asking to switch to it. I've never done anything to make her think that. How do I find a Dr that does prescribe it. I really would like to try it. Any suggestions? ... (3 replies)
... I'm in college right now and have been taking Adderall XR 20mg for almost two years now. ... (3 replies)
... I have been on Adderall since 2007, Originally BRAND NAME 20mg XR then 10MG IR in the afternoon. It was a miracle, I actually could get things done! ... (2 replies)
... wasn't going to chime because "the dose IS too high." I can not tolerate more than a 10mg dose. More causes me a horrific crash. My brain would shut off as if a switch was thrown. I could barely keep my eyes open, and at times it left me feeling depressed. ... (35 replies)
... one week to the day. I want to do a clean Dexedrine install. ... (27 replies)
... actually Desoxyn (methamphetamine) is the strongest amphetamine, followed by dexedrine (dextroamphetamine sulphate) and then adderall (mixed amphetamine salts) (18 replies)
... Bob, you know how I hate to disagree with you, so I'll keep it short and hope you'll forgive me one of these days. ;) I can't say enough to describe the difference in my life that Wellbutrin has made in the last couple of months. It's like someone dug into my brain and flicked the 'concentration, motivation and self control' switch. Now I'll grant you that my dose of... (35 replies)
... I have the exact same problem on Concerta and never really received an answer as to why this is so. It's the main reason as to why I'm going to switch to dexedrine or adderall. What you describe sounds just like me. ... (10 replies)
... M.D. allows me to switch stimulants to Dexedrine Spansule 15 mg. ... (3 replies)
... not THAT high, but 60 10mg tabs run around 80 bucks. I also have ADD and have been on adderall a while. ... (6 replies)
... ersion would release the entire dose earlier in the day than Vyvanse taken at the same time. I think you stand the same chance as a snowball in heck of getting a Dexedrine IR prescription even if you hadn't been evil and wicked. Bad girl. ... (8 replies)

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