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... after searching the board, it seems that, in general, Vyvanse is associated with fewer negative side effects and seems to be more easily tolerated. ... (37 replies)
... Having the exact same issues, except I switched from concerta to vyvanse due to takiphylanxes. I have to say, I HATE it. I wish I could go back to COncerta or a methyphenidate, but unfortunately I would have to take a dose high enough to cause some pretty intolerable side effects. ... (37 replies)
... My daughter is 10. I have known for a few years that she is ADD. We have tried to win the battle without drugs but we lost! She ruins our daily lives but I know you all know that! ... (2 replies)

... It worked for about a week and seemed to be far more effective because I didn't have the anxiety that I did with adderall. A month later my doctor upped me to 50mg once a day. It was super effective at that dosage. I was on it since Sept until about two weeks ago. I had to go back on the adderall xr. ... (37 replies)
... pecially xr. Adderall just makes me feel weird and i don't like the extended realease cause it realeases the whole dosage after 8 hours so you get little hits of adderall but they didn't effect me much at all. Vyvanse is the best meds for adhd. They work so well, and just don't make you feel like a robot zombie like adderall. ... (37 replies)
... I have been on Adderall XR 40mg for a while now. The past month I have noticed that I am not able to focus like I used to on it. I feel blahh, like I have no feelings. I talked to my doctor today and he mentioned me getting on Straterra. ... (4 replies)
... The most important message I would hope people take from this board is that everyone's personal body chemistry is unique and may respond very differently to different medications. ... (37 replies)
... I take the same prescribed dosage of adderall that you do, and I do not find it to high. ... (8 replies)
... I suggest switching to Nordic Naturals Ultimate 2x's fish oil caps 2150 mgs. They say it works wonders for ADHD. ... (1 replies)
... it is addictive and does not store up over weekends. she said he could miss doses of stratera for several weeks at a time once it was in his system. He does seem to take lots of naps which the doc says is still the adderal in his system but it has been a long time already since he switched. ... (6 replies)
... mg in the am and 10mg in the afternoon. I could not sleep either. I started taking tylenol pm just to get one good nights sleep during the week. Please dont do it though, my doctor almost took me outside and shot me when I told him. ... (8 replies)
... I want to get info on how Focalin, well how it works compared to Adderall, I been taking Adderall for about 6 years I'm 43,I don't feel it helps me as much anymore.So I want to hear especially from someone who has switched from Adderall to Focalin? ... (1 replies)
... I was just switched from adderall to concerta... I was just curious about what the big difference is.. I am not having the side effects but I can't tell the other differnce. ... (1 replies)
... I don't like Adderall either!!! Not crazy about the Vyance. ... (37 replies)
... My 10 year old daughter tried Strattera after being on Adderall XR for about 2 years. Initially, I was very hopeful as she seemed so much more aware of her environment but that didn't last but for about one month. ... (4 replies)
... I am like you, I would like to try adderall, but my dr. is reluctant, but I am hoping I can change her mind for I will not be able to afford to keep on taking it at that price..........why do they do this Crap? ... (37 replies)
... he reccomended we try decreasing the dose to 50mg. I haven't filled this new Rx yet but I am hoping that will provide a resolution in some of these symptoms. ... (37 replies)
... we all do, but its what we need to do to function properly unfortunately =( if you really wanna change the meds, i switched from adderall to dextroamphetamine with no side effects and i haven't heard of any major side effects yet, but then again, every case IS different, so its your call (5 replies)
... My dr. switched me to Generic Ritalin, and for me, it is a joke. Not working at all..........not motivated and still tired and can't focus as well, I agree with you........... ... (37 replies)
... Thank you, I was on 30mgs of it, and she switched me to generic Ritalin very small does, not noticing anything with this. Should I ask to go back on Vyvance at a higher dose this soon? ... (37 replies)

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