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... The first doc I went to prescribed 80 ml of Straterra instantly. Now, I didn't know anything about it, but I distinctly remember raising my eyebrows at the dosage. He assured me I'd be fine. ... (2 replies)
... I'm not sure if it is the Straterra or not, but I would say that any increase in this type of medication could give some symptoms until the body has adjusted to it. ... (23 replies)
... hello My son is recently experiecing alot of anxiety symptoms on straterra. I have had positive results at school for him but the recent anxiety is upsetting to him and me. ... (1 replies)

... My daughter is 9 years old and weighs 70 lbs. The dr just started her on 18 mg once a day of straterra. She is taking it in the mornings with breakfast. This was her third day and she is complaining of a tummy ache and headache. Is this natural? ... (10 replies)
... My daughter is doing well on a 40mg dose of Straterra, not experiencing any of those symptoms you described. ... (9 replies)
... she has never been diagnosed but has shown depressive behavior. I am concerned that this is childhood depression rather than ADD but I don't know much about the symptoms of ADD. The school has said that he tested above average on his testing for intelligence but it does not show in his daily activity. ... (11 replies)
... Trying medication first is not a wise choice. First of, many of the kids diagnosed with ADHD don't even have it. ... (11 replies)
... Ritalin in lieu of Straterra. ... (128 replies)
... My son is starting Straterra, and I am concerned about possible side effects. In the past we have tried SSRI medications to counter the effects of extended release stimulant medications. He had severe side effects, requiring hospitalization. ... (5 replies)
Nov 12, 2003
... mbat his ADHD symptoms. We are using Metadate and starting to have really severe behavior problems at home when the madication wears off. Our doctor prescribed Straterra but he can't take a pill, and nothing on earth can mask the taste of the powder within the capsule. ... (54 replies)
... Jenn, the Connors Study IS NOT a proper evaluation! All it is pretty much is a checklist of symptoms. MANY THINGS besides ADD can cause these symptoms, so it is not proof of ADD. ... (11 replies)
... Two months ago, began with dizzy spells, lower abdominal cramping and stomach upset that are constant, increased blood pressure and pulse, HA, insomina, spells of high fatigue. In the last two weeks I began having more blood pressure problems.. ... (10 replies)
... My 7 yr old son started Straterra 6 weeks ago. At first everything was great and he talked to me like a would assume a normal child would. ... (98 replies)
... Thanks. From what I've noted on, Concerta is going to have more drug interactions wiht what i'm currently on, than the Strattera. But I will have to see if it would worsen any fibro symptoms. unfortuantly, every fibro person is even if it did affect one person, it may not affect me...or may affect me even more so. :/ I'm opposite you with the... (15 replies)
... Wow, hold on Jen!!! Before you even consider medication your son needs to be PROPERLY TESTED! Schools are known for misdiagnosing kids ALL THE TIME! The testing should begin with a full physical from a regular doc. It should include testing for things such as thyroid problems, and more. There should be urine tests and blood tests! Your son should also be tested for... (11 replies)
... I don't want to downplay the Straterra side effects, but my son experienced the exact same thing a few years ago. ... (2 replies)
... dy the best, but it just wasn't enough. Some people really do have to have the meds. I finally bottomed out this semester and went from A's to D's and F's in all of my classes, so now I am taking meds. ... (4 replies)
... My son also take 120mg of Straterra. He is 15 and weighs 165 lbs. He was on a lower dosage and I wasn't seeing a big improvement. He has been on a higher dosage now for about 2 months. ... (13 replies)
... I also have had the spaced out feeling while on Straterra. I was watching a movie last weekend and it all seemed so surreal. I thought I was on some sort of weird psychadelic drug. Very strange. ... (7 replies)
... Be suspect about the ADHD diagnosis. The doctor that said "not ADHD" based his conclusion mostly on his observation of your son in a unique and possibly stimulating to your son setting. Evidently he relied little on reports from you and from son's school. ... (7 replies)

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