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Symtoms of ADD
Feb 19, 2006
... What Are Symtoms Of Add? ... (3 replies)
... I have had a hell of a time getting diagnosed adhd even though my tests show me at the top of the adhd scale? ... (8 replies)
... bout 6 Months. We Started Off With Using It As A Booster For In The Mornings To Help Keep Him Focused And Calm Enough To Get Him Ready For School. When The Level Of Concerta He Was On Wasn't Giving Us The Results We Were Hoping For The Dr. Put Him On The Focalin The Whole Day. ... (20 replies)

Adderall dosage
Dec 15, 2005
... Amy 2838, notice that the person who made those outrageous statements about syptoms of ADHD is banned from the boards. I wonder why? ... (14 replies)
... I saw the show yesterday also! I don't have any children, but I was diagnosed with ADD and now I'm wondering how they could diagnose me without doing all of those things he was talking about. I never even knew I should see a neuroseugeon. I just asumed that my phsychiatrist could diagnose me. ... (10 replies)
Symtoms of ADD
Feb 28, 2006
... There must be clear evidence of clinically significant impairment in social, academic, or occupational functioning. ... (3 replies)
... I had ADHD up to the age of 18 which is when I finally grew out of it. ... (24 replies)
... I live in a backward area of Penn's Woods. I could only find 1 psychologist on my HMO list, a child psychologist, that does this type of testing. He is so booked I had to wait 5 months for an appointment. It sounds to me like you are having the same series but all in one day. ... (13 replies)
... haviour at school has been very bad. He was in trouble a few weeks ago and remember being told they were seeing how he gets on for 3 weeks. As he gets into a lot of fights in the playground etc. Then he apparently punched two other kids in the face. Also pushed a teacher and hit a girl. ... (1 replies)
ADD Symtoms
Aug 27, 2005
... Driven to Distraction is a very helpful book in learning about add/adhd. I am add :) You would be amazed on how many successful people in this crazy world of ours are add/adhd. (6 replies)
... I am 56 years old and as far as I can remember I have known something was wrong. Then when I happen to be reading a magazine one day I found an article on ADHD in adults. The symtoms all were exactly how I have felt for most of my life. ... (13 replies)
... ve a hard time getting her attention at all well any way the docter didnt run any test she but her on straterra 10mg we do have 10 family memebers with a history of all kinds of illnesses like adhd or bipolar anxiety depression and so on i was just wondering if those symtoms sound like anything there kids may have had. ... (1 replies)
... I got to 40mg and I started to be much less hyper and a bit more calm. I still needed a higher dose and settled out at 60mg 4 times a day. It sounds like a ton of drugs to me and has me a bit worried. I have had no real side effects except feeling dry and having to drink more water. ... (0 replies)
... s well jump in on this as well. I totally agree with the others. If they haven't convince you, maybe this will. Adderall is a stimulant combination used to treat ADHD as I'm sure you already know since you posted this question on this board. ... (3 replies)
... My nephew, 6years old, has been taking the meds. for several months, stopped taking adderal because of his mothers health concerns: no appetite, hard to get up in the AM. What are the effects of the withdrawl from ADDERAL? He has recently been suspended from kindergarten for hitting another child. ------------------ (2 replies)
... I am currently taking a 10mg dose of adderall XR once a day. I just got diagnosed and have only been on the medicine for 1 month. ... (4 replies)
Apr 2, 2006
... It is quite common for an individual with ADHD to have tics and even Tourette's Syndrome. ... (15 replies)
... Im glad you are getting her checked outand glad I could help you.If they do find out she is add or adhd they have patches out now instead of taking the pills.It would help to read up on add,adhd,bipolar,ocd,and odd.It is genetic alot of families are infected. ... (6 replies)
Need advice
Oct 7, 2007
... After so many many years of thinking I was just different from everyone else, I accidently came across an artical on ADD in adults and could not believe what I was reading. ... (3 replies)
... may be advisable for you to try fish oil capsules does help to control some of the symtoms for add, there is an ingrediant in the capsules that help control some of the chemical imbalances of the brain, which help you to concentrate better and help myou with your thoughts. ... (6 replies)

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