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... Concerta is a time-release formula. Most likely, the reason the child isn't sleeping is because the medicine doesn't wear off in time. Perhaps he needs a single dose of Ritalin in the morning, rather than a time-release dose. (5 replies)
... and others act by causing the underactive parts of the ADHD brain to be stimulated, and release more of the neurotransmitters that we are short on. Stimulants start to act pretty much immediately, but have a very short lived effect. ... (7 replies)
... But I take it at the same time I take Risperdal and Zoloft and Requip for the side effects. ... (19 replies)

... I used to take adderall 30 mg but I had a very hard time falling asleep at night and I would get agitated when it wore off in the evening. ... (9 replies)
... I wish my doctor would have mentioned that, as she knows I have terrible problems with insomnia. But I've also had a cold (and no voice) since Tuesday, so after I've recovered and rested up this weekend, I'll see how it goes. Thank you so much! (15 replies)
... It does get less effective as time goes on, but I suspect your problem is lack of sleep. ... (15 replies)
May 22, 2006
... not have torettes, but I do have experience with vocal and motor tics. I also have ADHD and Aspergers. My experience with meds is with Concerta. I found out that Ritalin is really bad for tics. Even though Concerta is in the Ritalin family, it has a "time release" affect. With that, Concerta is still affective but less harsh. ... (15 replies)
... Speaking as a mom from my daughters' experience through many years of dealing with several different drugs for ADD, Ritalin is much like Adderall which she has taken . ... (1 replies)
... The kidneys and liver are what bear the burden of strong, toxic drugs like those, so no doubt the kidney stones are a result of them. This often is ignored by the medical community. Seems the motto, "benefits outweigh the risks" is literally translated into if the drug gets your child to concentrate in school, then if kidney, heart or other problems develop, that's ok because... (4 replies)
... My daughter, who is 9 years old, has taken medication for ADHD since she was 4. She started with Dexadrine, then Ritalin, and then Concerta which is a time release medication. ... (4 replies)
... My daughter, who is 9 years old, has taken medication for ADHD since she was 4. She started with Dexadrine, then Ritalin, and then Concerta which is a time release medication. ... (0 replies)
... Rebound is indeed very common on Ritalin - I have heard that using Concerta instead (same substance, on time-release) can "soften the blow" so to speak. Also, most doctors these days do not recommend a "med break" since you don't just medicate the kid to get him good grades and get him to behave in school, but to allow him a more balanced home and social life as well (since... (15 replies)
... hours, I had no side effects. Also, you SHOULD NOT have withdraw symptoms from this type of med. The only time that happens is when people are very sensitve to the medication or are on a dose thats higher than what it shouldve been. ... (2 replies)
... I think that's what you are referring to with the "hard shell" around it for slow disolving. There are other brands of time released ritalin that your doctor will know about. ... (4 replies)
... of regular release Ritalin is tried first. If that proves too high, it is easy to cut the pill in half and try that. But you are stuck with any extended release formula. ... (6 replies)
... time. This just happened today, so he hasn't started the dosage yet. We are wondering how he should time his doses to facilitate maximum concentration at work for the maximum amount of hours. ... (5 replies)
... As I've stated, I'm currently on Dexadrine, 15mg 'Spansule,' which I take to mean it's a time release thing. Apart from dry mouth, I'm not experiencing any side effects, so I'm pleased about that. ... (7 replies)
Jun 24, 2008
... Never be afraid to come here just to vent, I think we all have at one time or another. ... (7 replies)
... Hi! Just started with Vyvanse (50mg) too. I got so jittery as well but only lasted for 12 hours. You're not suppose to open the capsule because it's time-release, or unless your doctor approves it. Not too sure about this though...70mg is probably too high of a dose for a person unless the person is heavy set. (4 replies)
... es from these drugs is because of the speed of a child's metabolism. I'm not sure that I fully understand it but some childrens bodies basically can't handle the time release formulas normally, their bodies burn through it too fast and they get too much of it too soon. ... (23 replies)

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