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... ahusemen, I use L-Tyrosine as an adjunct to stimulant meds. I feel it (and zinc) enhance the meds anti-add properties hence I can keep the dose of the med on the low side. Theroy has it, that supplements with anti-adhd properties work as precursors of neurotransmitters - i.e., - our body uses them to make neurotransmitters. A word of caution: When we use natural... (3 replies)
... Tyrosine is not only good for ADD, but also depression. So lifting your spirits is a rather nice side effect when taking it for ADD. The doses for children would be between 200mg-500mg daily, unless this dose has been tried without any success. For adults it is between 500-1,500mg daily. It will take a while for any supplement to work its best but its not impossible... (5 replies)
... I'm actually not hyperactive at all. My ADD type mainly consists of low energy and overfocusing. ... (3 replies)

... Stitch, I believe they do. I noticed I typoed in my post. It should have read, I feel foggy headed with NO stimulant meds - i.e. no adderall. Both zinc and :-tyrosine seem to have some ADHD symptom relief properties. Just not enough without stimulant meds. So, yes, I experience brain chem stability when on stimulants coupled with zinc and tyrosin. At the very least, minimal... (29 replies)
... Ritalin. They mostly complained about stomach upset. Me too. But not at 50mg. At 150 mg I was naseauseated all day. 3000mg of tyrosine put me off my emotional rocker. Be careful if you try either on your kids! ... (29 replies)
... ahuseman, I know there are studies proving the efficacy of zinc with stimulants and the lack of efficacy alone. Anecdotally, I experience that with L-Tyrosine. But let's do a little extrapolating. Both L-Tyrosine and Zinc must have some ADHD symptom relief properties, otherwise, why would they assist the stimulants? My conclusion, based on rather scant evidence, is if your... (3 replies)
... currently i am taking 1000mg. l-tyrosine 3x's daily along with wellbutrin and dexedrine for my depression and ADD Mucuna pruriens contains small amounts of l-dopa which is another precursor to dopamine. the question i have for anyone is...are you familiar with Mucuna pruriens and their effectiveness compared to l-tyrosine? any information will help me a lot...thanks (2 replies)
... Thanks, but do you know if just a moderate dose of L-Tyrosine alone (without any other stimulant meds) will work to treat the ADD? Or does it usually require one or more meds in addition to it to notice a difference? Thanks again (3 replies)
... Tyrosine for treating ADD or know if it actually works? ... (3 replies)
... Fish oil is another excellent supplement to add in, but remember for these supplements to work you have to take them religiously. ... (18 replies)
... Hi, I'm 18 now ive had these "problems" sense i was probably 12-13years old, off and on... I dont think its straight up depression cause between like march-oct. i am fine..... i dont have these thoughts. I daydream and space out and when i do its good things.....but from nov-feb. i'm a total different person. I personily think my doc. thinks i'm faking it or... (9 replies)
... ke only seasonal depression, it sounds like depression that gets worse due to the seasons. If your doctor isn't listening to your concerns and insists that it is ADD get another opinion. Even if you do have ADD there is obviously something more going on that is making it worse, like depression for instance. ... (9 replies)
... t know whether I have ADD or OCD. ... (1 replies)
... years old. Nevertheless, I once was, milleniums ago, an ADHD child and at a time when ADHD was unheard of in the school systems. That being said, I believe that ADD meds along with therapy would have made a radical difference in avoiding some serious mistakes including drug abuse in my late teens and early twenties. Why? ... (3 replies)
... ahuseman, Do you have the hyperactive component? If so, you might try DMAE. It is available at health food stores, brick-n-mortar or net. I am ADD, no H. I tried DMAE and it made me sleepy. At one time it was a prescription med for ADHD. I have no trouble seeing how it can have a calming effect which should help concentration issues. If you should try it, be advised... (3 replies)
... Anyone know if tyrosine alone will give you the same feeling or have the same effect as Adderall for treating ADD? ... (3 replies)
... You may want to try a combination of Rhodiola, L-Tyrosine, and 5-HTP. Seems to do pretty well for me. I've never been diagnosed with ADD, but I know I have it. I think doing many drugs over the years has given me ADD. With this combo, vitamin C, B-complex, calcium citrate, and magnesium; I feel much better. (3 replies)
... Anyone had good experiences using natural remedies for ADD/ADHD like supplements? It's been suggested by some author doctors for most ADD/ADHD persons to exercise regularly keep refined carbs and sugar to a minimum with balanced protein intake. Personally for myself, a great day begins after a morning workout and a high protein breakfast. Keeping hydrated all day as... (0 replies)
... Sandy, Natural supplements do effect each person (child or adult) differently. adhdmama's experience is not unique. To add insult to injury so do prescription meds - that is - affect each person differently. Given your daughter's wear-off-fast history with meds, I doubt if Concerta will give her 12 hour efficacy but it may give her 6 to 7 hours which would get her... (3 replies)
... Recently I've been experimenting with amino acids, and I feel I need to share this, I take 1000 mg of l tyrosine and 1000 mg of taurine a day, and the lethargy is almost non existant! the taurine helps with motivation and it makes a BIG difference! ... (1 replies)

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