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... Unfortunitly I can relate with this situation all to well. I was diagnosed with ADD at 13 and put on ritalin, my life did a 180 at that point. I felt like for once I actually had control over myself. Unfortunitly when I was 15 my mom lost her job and we had no insurance. I stopped taking my meds at that point. about a year later I discovered crystal meth and realized that it... (17 replies)
... I've read a few opinions posted that there is nothing inherently dangerous about ADHD and that people treat ADHD children merely to conform to societal norms. I felt the need to compile some statistics for you about the dangers of untreated ADHD. ... (17 replies)
... I've read a few opinions posted that there is nothing inherently dangerous about ADHD and that people treat ADHD children merely to conform to societal norms. ... (17 replies)

... free~spirit i think she was talking about this study and my question but never mind. i was just curious anyway. (17 replies)
... I am sorry I meant to reply to your thread. Anyway my husband is now taking adderall and so is my step son. All I can tell you. Is to be patience and love him. Decide if you can go for the long haul. Sometimes you are going to be very angry. But take care of yourself, get your needs met in other ways. Depend on your understanding and supportive family and friends. Find other... (1 replies)
... depression, bipolar, adhd all can have over lapping symptoms, some time it is hard to know which disorder it is. ... (4 replies)
... What are you talking about? (17 replies)
... Not to argue, but I think the drug abuse statistics were based on *medicated* vs nonmedicated ADHD boys vs their non-ADHD peers. (17 replies)
... Are there any wives, girlfriends living with a ADHD significant other? ... (1 replies)
... This is just my opinion but the reason I self medicated and took illegal drugs was because it was the only time where my brain functioned normally and I was able to think clearly and organize my thoughts. I took the drugs to alter my mind but not to "get high". I dont know if I am making any sence, I have never been very articulate with words. ~ Missy (17 replies)
... Why do I need to watch what I eat? Take supplements? Do meditation? Well because I have Ring of Fire type ADD and without supplements and diet my symptoms are out of control. Thats why. Ring of Fire type ADD includes a lot more than just the average ADHD symptoms described in the DSM-IV. (17 replies)
... why do you need to, free? (17 replies)
... guys think that teenagers who don't take medicine for their ADHD are so much more likely to abuse drugs? ... (17 replies)
... Isn't saying that children are often medicated because they are different and society wants them to be like everyone else and that people treat ADHD children merely to conform to societal norms the same thing? ... (17 replies)
... Funny, I havent seen any posts say that the only reason for medicating ADD was because of society. I have said many times that many children are medicated because they are different and society wants to make everyone the same. This is very true! ADD is very overdiagnosed! Many times just because a child is different they are drugged for years on end. Its an awful thing but is... (17 replies)
... My son did not have any of these problems, neither did my brother in law diagnoised nor his son also diagnoised. I do believe the studies are flawed in many respects since drug addiction has way too many variables....many of which involve family life, life issues, social pressure, self-worth, etc.....not necessarily "biology". Not to mention it is impossible to become an... (15 replies)
... ording to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, 18 percent of adolescent males began abusing drugs and alcohol in the previous 4 years. The rate for unmedicated ADHD boys was 75 percent.. The rate drops to 25 percent in medicated ADHD boys. ... (15 replies)
... blame untreated ADHD or ADD. ... (30 replies)
... It is important to seek a proper diagnosis for ADHD and any other issues that may exist alongside it, because each issue may require a different treatment. ... (4 replies)
... medicate" definitely a bad no worries. But I am more leaning towards ADHD with maybe a light stroke of psychotic tendencies. ... (17 replies)

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