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... Report all Strattera side effects here, for the purpose of research, public awareness and safety. ... (4 replies)
... I had the same problems that after a few months that included cloudy urine and testicular pain a bit later. The testicular pain was intense and caused nausea at points. An ultrasound revealed no torsion and an physical examination did reveal a rather enlarged prostate. A friend on the drug had the same problems after 6 months or so on the drug. This drug may be better with... (21 replies)
... is feeling drugged and or exhausted on Strattera. We are the guinea pigs. So to anyone here who is experiencing side effects you need to make yourself heard. The Strattera extension kept going dead when I called, so after a few trys, I chose one of the other options and got a person. They were very helpful. ... (18 replies)

... sychiatrists said yesterday that they were as confused as they were concerned by the news that Canadian regulators had suspended the use of a commonly prescribed hyperactivity drug amid reports of deaths linked to its use. ... (29 replies)
... Unfortunately, the trend is to validate lifelong use of amphetamines for ADD these days, prescribing it to kids and adults alike under the guise of a lifetime disorder. ... (29 replies)
... weeks after discontinuing use. Kind of graphic. We are all adults here, so you have been warned. ... (21 replies)
... t inadequate adrenaline is linked to depression.....for example, Wellbutrin, a popular antidepressant, is a norepinphrine reuptake inhibitor with some inhibition of dopamine. Norepinphrine is really adrenaline. And interestingly enough, dopamine is an intermediate to adrenaline. ... (29 replies)
... I am new to this board, I am trying to learn as much as possible about Strattera as I have just begun taking it. My doctor gave me one of the sample boxes. He said nothing about weight having anything to do with the dosage. ... (2 replies)
Mar 16, 2011
... prescribed to correct disrupted neurotransmitter signal flow through the dopamine and norepinephrine signal pathways. And said disrupted neurotransmission is one of the primary causes of the ADHD type. And no other medical problems contraindicate the use of stimulant meds. ... (27 replies)
... o go back to school part time and finish an engineering degree. I usually do one course a quarter at a very good engineering school and have completed about half of the courses I need for my degree. I know I am intelligent but have found I have to work much harder than most students to get good grades. ... (8 replies)
... ADHD. They have been used for years for treating children with symptoms of hyperactivity and inattention. ... (6 replies)
... ADHD. They have been used for years for treating children with symptoms of hyperactivity and inattention. ... (40 replies)
My ADHD type
Jul 25, 2009
... You're right! It IS all in my head! My brain is short on certain neurotransmitters which is the cause of the symptoms of ADHD! ... (11 replies)
... Losing effectiveness is a sign of tolerance. This can also happen with amphetamines so keep that in mind. ... (12 replies)
... weeks and have been on 80mg or the full dose for an additional 12 days ...that's 30 days in all...and I just don't feel any different. I have trouble getting enthusiastic about anything...just feel apathetic and I'm usually raring to go. ... (28 replies)
... wellbutrin has been used in children and adults with ADD for a while...i consider straterra to be worse than both wellbutrin and the stimulants such as dexedrine and adderall.. ... (5 replies)
... Ah, that is a different matter. It does sound as if you might benefit from medication. Strattera probably has the lowest risk of addiction, as in I've never heard of it happening ever. It does take a few weeks to a couple months to start working, though. ... (13 replies)
... I saw the show yesterday also! I don't have any children, but I was diagnosed with ADD and now I'm wondering how they could diagnose me without doing all of those things he was talking about. I never even knew I should see a neuroseugeon. I just asumed that my phsychiatrist could diagnose me. ... (10 replies)

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