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... So, I should be happy. It's an easily treatable psychiatric condition, and Zoloft works for it MUCH better than Adderall ever did for anything. ... (1 replies)
... I'm 21 years old and have ADD and depression. I've been treated for depression before but am not currently taking any anti-depressants. I was on Prozac and then Zoloft, and neither had given me any improvement after several months on each, so I stopped taking them. I have not been to a doctor for my ADD yet, but I have an appointment this week. (Don't flame me for this).... (2 replies)
Guinea Pig
Jul 23, 2012
... I was misdiagnosed as well when I was young and was recently diagnosed with ADD. I was previously given zoloft by a random dr and I could not function. I general dr of twenty some years told me to stop taking it and put me on CYMBALTA. ... (6 replies)

Guinea Pig
Jul 22, 2012
... o do something else and my kids are always looking for socks cuz they are never folded. Because of what he deems 'mildly obsessive" traits he wanted to try me on zoloft instead of a stimulant. ... (6 replies)
... Hi everyone, I read so many amazing stories how people find a quiet space in their brain and allows them to do amazing productive things, like read a book! I am so disappointed I'm not finding that space at all... I'm feeling foggy brained, hazy, like I'm not quite there, not quite aware of what's going on around me. And I have a slight anxiety feeling, a little bit of the... (2 replies)
... Badiou, I have been on either "Dexedrine Spansule 15mg mfg Glaxo Smith Kline" and, with that extended release capsule, taken, original Adderall 10mg, then, (total 25 mg in the AM hrs) then, 10mg of Adderall Instant Release, at 1PM, and, prn, if needed, (when I worked 2nd shift, or had evening University classes, as a non traditional student, would take a 2nd Adderall 10 mg... (6 replies)
... Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor, (in the book) are mentioned as being paired with a stimulant thats why I asked... Wellbutrin could be stimulating enough? I have tried nortryptiline made me not care about doing anything! I was suppose to be taking it for my chronic headaches... I would sleep great, have sweet dreams and would wake up happy but with a bad headache! ... (33 replies)
... For ADD, none. For depression I've taken quite a few over the years: Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor, and Lexapro are the ones I remember. I have not tried Wellbutrin, however. I took 20 mg of Focalin this morning, and I can tell you that I'm in a not very good mood since around lunchtime. For overfocused ADD the stimulants are said to make things even worse according to Dr. Amen... (33 replies)
... Hello! I was just recently diagnosed with ADHD/ADD about a month ago, I had the symptoms my entire childhood. I'm the type of guy who doesn't like doctors for anything. But I felt it was ruining my life. I dropped out of school because I couldn't focus, Had no interest in school, Always procrastinated doing homework and then forgot to do it last minute. Dropped out my last... (10 replies)
... is family aren't much of a support system. What's the "easiest" way to deal with her is what they do. I am excited to see how diet will change and also she IS on Zoloft which helped with the sadness a while back. You have given me hope for her in her future. ... (9 replies)
... it just seems that my mind is going 100mph. I have not been able to sleep what I would call a good night's sleep in a long time. I have also tried meds, Prozac, zoloft and celexa. They all make me really drowsy but I can't sleep on them. None of them have worked or else I wouldn't be here. ... (11 replies)
... months ago, my psychiatrist was asking me questions about how my prescription for Zoloft and Wellbutrin were going. I said they were going fine except that I was still having memory problems. ... (5 replies)
... Thank you for your kind invitation for me to complain and rant. I certainly have a lot of complaints, and sometimes the stress is overwhelming for the spouse of an ADHD sufferer. I have problems with brain fog from Lupus and Fibromyalgia, so I can uniquely identify with some of my husband's problems with ADHD. And with my chronic illness and his, it makes for a challenging... (35 replies)
... I am on Zoloft 50 mg... I was told to go on 150 mg but I didn't like the way it made me feel. I sometimes wonder what these drugs can do to a person after a while. ... (7 replies)
... okay so ive been off my meds ( adderal xr , abilify , zoloft) for a good year and my life is in complete shatters... ive had a termendous amount of stress this year and i need to get back on all those meds.. but i found out i have scoliosis.and bad back pains im afraid to go back on adderall bcuz it might add stress... any help?????? (2 replies)
... first 2 we tried then My son was put on Concerta now at 36mg and doing ok right now. We have still seen some impulsivity and innatention which I attribute to his Zoloft for anxiety. It is kinda known for that side effect. I know quite a few people on Concerta or Focalin short release and are doing great. ... (8 replies)
... son is on Concerta and has small tics, but he might also have tourrettes. He has had small ticks before the meds. And just for information my son 10 has been on Zoloft for 3 years and has never wanted to commit suicide and it helps his anxiety and depression big time. ... (3 replies)
... My son just turned nine and was diagnosed with ADD and anxiety back in Oct. We took him to a Psychiatrist and she spent five minutes with us in a room and said to put him on Zoloft. I refused this because it is known to cause suicidal behavior in children, why take a happy kid and make him suicidal? So she put him on Concerta 18mg, he has had an improvement in his impulsive... (3 replies)
... quested anti anxiety and depression med. He has tried Lexipro 20mg, but the side effect was frustrating and he still wasn't quite 'there'. Then we swiched him to Zoloft this weekend. However, Sunday, He took it upon himself to try his friend's little blue capsule of vyvase. ... (8 replies)
... depressants as well. currently I take both zoloft and adderall, i have yet to see mood improvements from this combination tho. ... (8 replies)

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