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I would be a "little" concerned too. 500mg is alot of tylenol. Even Percocet 5mg/325mg would be better than those. But I would suggest something like Roxicodone it has no tylenol at all. You might be ok with ibuprophen but be careful with it too I can cause stomach bleeds. I was on NSAIDS for 10 years because I too didnt want to take the narcotic route but after various bad episodes with my stomach my doc decided on narcotics first it was ty 3 and the caffiene irritated my stomach then it was percocet for about 6 months and the tylenol became a concern finally Oxycontin which has no tylenol. I would suggest the roxicodone or if your stomach is alright a mild narcotic with ibuprophen instead of tylenol. The enzymes arent up that much so action on your doc's part now would probably lower them. If you decide to go the ibuprophen route take it with food or milk to avoid stomach damage or ask for something like Nexium or Losec to prevent or heal the damage. Good luck.
Another question, Do you know if Roxicodone is similar to lortab10/500? I've taken percocet 5mg before and my dr. told me that percocet and vicodin are similar but vicodin is not as strong as percocet. I switched to lortab (2 times the strength of vicodin) because 5 mg of hydrocodone wasn't enough. I guess I'll have to mention this to the dr. as well. No tylenol in med sounds promising and if it saves my liver, it's better for me. Thanks Autumn.
Ya I think we posted at the same time lol :) Your doctor is right about Percocet ( 5mg oxycodone/325mg tylenol) is stronger than Lortab which is 10mg hydrocodone and 500mg tylenol. The roxicodone is percocet without any tylenol I assume its 5mg oxycodone and 0mg tylenol. It may come in other strengths but I am not sure since we dont have it here in Canada unfortunalty or I would be taking it instead of the percocet for my BT pain. I dont agree with your husband I would want to have this checked right away.
Call your PM doc and voice your concerns and tell him about the test and ask him to change it to either the roxicodone or if he knows of something with hydrocodone and NO tylenol to prescribe you that. Plz update me on how it goes good luck.
OOpppss I didnt answer your other question Vicodin is 5mg hydrocodone/500mg tylenol and percocet is 5mg oxycodone/325mg tylenol. They have percocet in higher mg like 7.5mg and 10mg but the tylenol increases too and your dont want that. Good luck.
So I dont think vicodin and percocet are near the same thing cuz they are a diff drug altogether. But yes the percs are stronger.

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