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I am suffering with severe chronic lower back pain and have been for almost 6 years, but for the past year the pain has been untollerable. I have been to 19 differant doctors in 6 years and have had 4 epidural steroid injections.

I have gotten 4 differant opinions on back surgery and all of them say that I don't need surgery, but there is nothing else that can be done. I have been through 3 differant physical therapy sessions and 1 month of swimming pool therapy with no good results except for worse pain than I had when I started.

I only got around 3-4 scripts written for Lortab 5mg and out of those scripts, I didn't get no more than 150 pills in the last year. I was having to go out and buy my meds off of the street just so that I could live with another day. I had fallen into depression and felt suicidal because of all of the pain and no doctors would help me with pain meds and that was the only thing that worked for me.

One day I went to re-up on some Lortabs and my buddy gave me a 10mg Methadone. I couldn't believe how much better this one little pill worked over 10-15 Lortab 10s. I had already gotten addicted to the Lortabs but not anything that I couldn't quit.

I finally got in with a very good pain doctor at a pain clinic and she started me from day #1 taking 2-10mg Methadones a day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. I have been on this dosage since Sept.2002 and about 2 months ago my back pain started coming back. Just last week I went to my pain doc and she raised me up 1 more 10mg Methadone a day. I get 90 a month, but now I am getting worried about an addiction somewhere down the road. I have read a lot of info on Methadone and from what I've read, it takes a pretty large dosage and used for awhile before you could develope an addiction.
I have stopped taking my dosage in the past anywhere from 1-2 weeks and the only thing that I noticed was the pain started coming back after about a week and I have never had any withdrawals whatsoever.

If I was to quit taking Methadone, what other medications could I take in it's place. Hydrocodone don't work anymore and I can't take all of that Tylenol and I have never taken an Oxycontin + what about the addiction to Oxycontin ?

I really hope that someone can answer this question for me. I know for a fact that I can't go through the pain again, I would rather be dead than to have to go thru that again.

Thanks for any help!

God Bless!
[email protected] pain sux

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