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Re: Catch22
May 19, 2003
Gosh Tim...I first want to say CONGRATS on being clean...and also thank you for replying. Can I ask how long you were on & off? In my last post when I said anything he can get his hands on I mean oxy's, xanax's and valium's if he can't get vicodins...Needless to say the $$ he pays is ridiculous, I know cause I get scrips from my doctor for the same things he buys on the street and jeez. Yes he does want help and I, well we have tried a few times, without success, to taper him off ya know, 5 Monday, 4 tuesday and so forth but he is back up again to about 10 a day which makes me very nervous. He is a very anxious person to begin with so you can imagine what he is like off them, he is miserable, in pain and really nasty but i would rather me try to help him and let him take it out on me, if it helps him in the long run. To tell you the truth I feel partially responsible...he started taking them about a year ago, he was just taking them for "fun" and alot of people I was around did, so I didn;t think too much into it. and that's when I started having all my back I feel like I contributed to his problem, but I didn't know it was a problem back than for him, ya know. But I always had more than enough pain pills, and am still do. DO you think I am making it harder for him to stop?

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