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Hi there,

Yes you are correct about what ultracet is. I was on that and lortab but because of all the tylenol in both , i got switched over to regular ultram for breakthru pain. I am and will be on the lortab for quite a while. Some people have become addicted to the ultracet or ultram as well. FOr me tho, it has never been a problem. I can take it for a week if i have to and then stop with absolutely no problems as long as I'm still on the lortab. Just depends on your own body system I guess. I think tho, that as long as your on something that helps with the pain, that is the most important thing. Having to endure pain because of being afraid to get addicted to a med is not beneficial to anyone. Just because you have withdrawal symptoms after you stop the vicodin or lortab does not mean you are completely addicted to them. I consider that just a side affect of the med when you stop it. I think everyone who is on it and then stops will end up having some withdrawal symptoms. That of course is IF YOU USE it according to what the doctor ordered and stay on the correct amount. ALso i have noticed that with anything, it requires alot of discipline to stay on the correct dosage, and I for one have to admit that I have added an extra one or two tablets to the end of the day and noticed that the more I use the more pain I seem to have to control. Dont know if its the body that is in real pain or just "needing" the med. Hard enough to be in pain without having to keep worrying about becoming addicted huh? I know. I live thru that everyday. Hope you have a great day today hon.
Ultram/Ultracet can be addicting. Start out at the normal doses of 50-100mg every 4-6 hours and you are okay for a while...but just like Vicoden or Lortab, tolerance builds...take 4 of them at once and it will give you a very nice buzz, just like Vicoden, etc...
I is not a full blown opiate, it does not work aon all opiate receptors in the CNS, BUT it works on a few of them according to the PDR. And I can tell you if you are on them long enough, just like a regular opiate...they are addicting. The revised 2003 PDR now has an Addiction/Abuse warning about them. I was taking up to 30-40 a day at a time and believe me when I say they are as hard to get off of as a regular opiate. Same exact W/D symptoms. Be care ful with this drug because Dr. dont know everything about this medication, they assume that it is safe because it is not scheduled YET...they are trying to put it as a controlled medication. Remember, Drs. dont know everything, that is why they PRACTICE medicine ;)

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