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Re: Hey Philster
Jun 6, 2003
Sorry Cowboy, been traveling and haven't had a chance to get back here.

The taper was long and arduous. I started on 10/27/02 and tapered until 12/31/02 where I just got tired of the last little bit and went stone cold. At the time I started tapering I was on a 100mcg. duragesic patch every 48 hrs and 6 10mg. Norco each day. 100mcg of duragesic (fentinal) is like taking 30-40 10mg vicodin a day, I think the did an equivalency for my intake and it came to close to 400 mg morphine per day (ouch) I worked with my Primary Care Physician (which was a huge help) and we took an aggressive path to taper, as he said if you donít feel some pain (withdrawal) then you jump back into this in the future. I agree with his thought process. At first it was fairly easy to taper as I was doing 25% taper over a two week period, but as the amount gets lower the rate of reduction tends to slow as any reduction equals a larger percentage. It takes an incredible amount of discipline to taper and not cheat especially when you feel the withdrawal. For 8 weeks of taper I felt lousy each day, like having the mild flu for 8 weeks straight. Having gone through cold turkey twice in the past, much much lower amounts, I was taking (40mg per day) I did not want to go that route again, so I chose the taper approach based on the amount I was taking at the time. Iím glad I did this as when I went stone cold on 1/1/03 it was terrible, the doc gave me valium and stuff for leg/stomach cramps and the runs which was a big help, the valium at 10mg every 4 hrs basically knocks you out (sleep all day). But when I was awake enough to realize where I was at I felt so bad, this lasted about 10 days and I only took the max strength of valium for the 1st 3 days, imagine how I would have felt if I had done this when I first started, no way I could have done it. Taper for me was best, plus as I said all the suffering has burned into my brain how much I do not ever want to go through this again! If you search on taper programs you will find many out on the Net, thatís what I did and bounced it off the doc and we ran with it. As for meds to help with withdrawal I can look up what I had taken if that is needed?

Good luck and if you have any additional questions ask away and Iíll help where I can.

Everyday is a good day, once your free of the drugs, trust me


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