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L-Tyrosene 500 mg x 3 or 4 a daywill take away that blah feeling.Don't take it if you're going to be in the sun; it will make your skin permanently splotchy. I had a lot of bad/weird dreams and couldn't sleep. It passed after a couple of weeks. My hardest time was first thing in the morning--I missed the way a percocet would wake me up, happy and full of energy. But it's better to focus on the positives. Make a list of why you want to quit and pick out the top 3 or 4. Review them all through the day. Keep your goal foremost in your mind. Your brain is going to fight with you because it's not getting that opiate fix. Your brain will start to make its own opiates soon if not already. You can do this once and for all. New give up, never look back.

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