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Hi. I told my doctor I wanted to taper down on my Norco from four, 5mg a day to one a day but she set it up for me to taper off completely and I am sure she weaned down way too fast. I even did the half pill once a day the last few days. I am now out of Norco but the pain specialist gave me Hydroxyzine, 10mg, for the anxiety of withdrawals. I haven't taken it yet as I heard it can cause a lot of adverse side effects. But meanwhile, I'm in a lot of pain from what is now a full blown detox. Any advice on Hydroxyzine or ways to combat this feeling of immense pain would be welcomed. I took Norco for about four years...up to 5mg, four times a day. Thank you!
Well, no one responded but I wanted to give an update anyway. It was easy-peasy for me with the Hydroxyzine. I had three bad days and then the rest was tolerable. I'm now off Norco totally. Good luck to everyone who decides to quite.

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