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[b] Hi Kitty here...

Still using the last of the refills of vicodin (about 100 left or so). As some of you know, I posponted this past Monday's outpatient medical detox since I felt that I didn't feel committed enough to start; then not take the refills that were coming in ...

I have 2 questions/issues that I'd like some feedback on ...

First, I am subletting one of the rooms in my house to someone ... beginning tomorrow (especially after all the $$ I spent on vicodin from the online pharmacies this month [img][/img]

Y'all know how withdrawals can be even with help - I know I'm intolerable and the world becomes intolerable. Last time I did an outpatient detox (8 months ago) the clonidine knocked me out so much that I could only get up to get to the clnic,, etc. I sweated...did not want to see/talk to anyone - and was a nervous wreck, the works.

I thought of NOT renting out the room for this reason. I'm going to need to tell her that I'll be sick for 5-7 days or so -- and unapproachable -- do you think i should tell her before she moves in or as the day approaches. I'd prefer to be alone at a time like this and could cancel the move in but I really need the money [img][/img] any thoughts on this?

The 2nd question; even though I'm still taking the vicodins, I'm feeling almost as if I'm having withdrawals as I'm taking them ... shaky, dazed, anxious, some sniffles ... did anyone else ever have that experience?

Oh, I'm not feeling good either way. The one day in between refills, by 24 hours, I felt like I wanted to kill someone...even tho I was taking darvocets...I just feel like my body is all screwed up and doesn't know what it wants/needs.

Taking klonopin at night helps (I've been taking that for a long time). It helps my anxiety...but i suppose I'm feeling anxiety because of relapsing and what's to come and I'm worrying so.....

Hugs to all


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