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Wow Chefob...You have had a really tough time of it. Some of us dont have the option of getting off the pain medication but we can control our tolerance like I do my best to do. I have had my condtion for 12 + years and I didnt start out on narcotics. I was on 10 years of every NSAID going along with PT and splint therapy a few times and since my condition is partially a birth defect it cant really be fixed by surgery just maybe made a little less painful. After all the NSAID use ( celebrex, vioxx, Naproxen, Ibuprophen and a few others) I landed in the Er with severe stomach problems and heart attack symptoms (so I thought) and they froze my stomach and esothogus and the chest pain disapeard so they knew it was Gastro. I was immediatley taken off the NSAIDS and put on Losec and Nexium to heal the damage. That was 2 years ago I am now on Ranitidine 150mg twice a day for matienance. Thats also when I took my first narcotic painkiller. It started off as Tylenol 3. After a few months they didnt work and the caffiene in them hurt my stomach. Since we dont have Vicoden here in canada it was a jump right to percocet. 1 tab 4 times a day after a few months on that it was oxycontin 10mg twice a day then up to 20mg twice a day and 2mg dilaudid at bedtime along with the original 4 percs a day for BT pain. Finally after 2 years I got into pain management 2 months ago before the appt I detoxed myself off the oxycontin and the dilaudid (which was easy because I didnt always take it only when I needed it to sleep when the pain was too bad). So I was only on the percs. Thats when my PM doc strongly advised against my jaw disc replacement surgery and my realignment surgery where they break the jaw and put in bolts and screws to line it up he said the pain decrease if any would be about 20% and cause scar tissue and possibly further surgeries my pain is now nerve pain he says which explains why the left side of my face goes numb a few times a month. My plan wouldnt pay for the Nuerontin he wanted to put me on for the nerve pain as I dont have an actual seizure disorder and its a seizure med but used to control nerve pain as well. So he put me on OXY IR as I was concerned about the tylenol and my liver so 1 10mg tab 3 times a day plus 2 percs a day. When I lost my boyfriend 5 weeks ago to a heart attack my pain level increased naturally well my PM increased my meds to 2 percs 4 times a day temporarily. So next appt is july 7th and he is talking the patch!! So what I am trying to do now is taper to get my tolerance lowered so I can go back to the original 4 percs a day or the 3 OXY IR a day. He told me straight out there is no therapy for my condition except splints and I will still need the meds with that. Since those first initial percs 2 years ago I have never felt a buzz or happy in any way just normal and able to eat a little better. I am sorry you lost so much in your life due to narcs for some they can be hell but for others a Godsend as they give us quality of life. I do detox every so often to keep my tolerance in check and it is physically awful. I wish you the best getting off the drugs I do know how hard it is. I too like you have done every drug going when I was younger in the late 70's early 80's except needles. Take care and welcome to our family.


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