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Re: Is this normal?
Feb 17, 2003
I have been on Ultram and Fioricet for awhile. The amount of pills you are taking does not sound like a lot, but I beleive you body becomes used to having this medication in you system. I know that when I used to take Darvocet which is supposedly the mildest so called " narcotic" I would not get relief or a high untill about 3 to 4 hours later. When I first started the pain relief was within 30 to 40 min. and then the medicaation seemed to wear off. But when your body gets used to having a substance in your body for whatever reason it ( your body) becomes physcially and mentally dependent. I think that the worst detox last about 4 to 5 dyas. I know that I was given librium and clonidine to help with the detox symptoms. If you have nausea then ask for something to handle that. I have been there and it is no fun.

Last thing, a lot of docs give Ultram or Ultracet because itis not classifed as a narcotic but it is so highly addictive. I had a car wreck and went on it for legitimate pain and got hooked. I was to the point that I did not want Darvocet ot Lortab or Loracet or anything like that because with the Ultram/Ultracet I was bascially able to function and not seemed drugged up. The probelm is that eventually you need more and more to battle the pain.

I posted an e-mail about being addicted to Ultram and fioricet and I am going back into detox tomorrow. This is round 2 for me and i really hope I can do it this time. I do not have muc family and not much of a support system so I found this site so i could talk to others that understand. My husband does not understand and he is jsut bascially just mad at me.

So anyway, keep off the medication. Take benedryl for itching and restlessness if you have it and I have found that Excedrin and Advil taken together in small doses helps. I do have pain so I have to have something. Oh yes, I was given Neurontin and that has helped with my back pain. Good Luck! Let me know how you are and please keep my in your prayers when tomorrow starts. I pray I can get the courage to go into rehab. I know I have to for my daughter and family and mostly for myself. I am scared but i will make it. You will too. Do not suffer. Let the doctor know and he can and will help. it makes it so much easier.
Best Wishes,

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