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Okie, you are doing GREAT!! :) without finding this board, i don't think i would have the courage to even attempt this, and i feel so blah already!! I can't imagine being on day must be so hard. in response to your reply of my post, i was taking 30+soma, 25-30 percocet, and 20-30 lortab...per day!! i've been on and off for the past 8 years, but steady for the past 4yrs. i still can't believe i'm doing this. my tolerance was so high and i was taking so much, i'm really scared about how my w/d's will be. And i have no-one to help me through it here. i'm so consumed with my kids i don't have any real friends, and i don't work so it's pretty much just me. I also have to keep up the perfect mom act - taking the kids here & there, cleaning, laundry, cooking - all with a :) on my face cause everyone that knows me is so clueless about my 'little friends"!! today is my last day of tapering, so i still have a few pills left and i'm already obsessed with thinking about them. just knowing that after today i won't have anymore. how many kids do you have ? what are their ages? try to keep busy with them. go to the park or to see a movie. you probably don't feel like doing much, but maybe trying to stay busy and get out of the house would help. Hang in there!!!

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