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Hey Hula, I didn't mean to coma across as the wicked witch of the west. When my fella and I finally came to heads about him using pot, he started pointing out all of my annoying habits as a defense of him smoking. It nearly ruined our relationship to have him tell me that yeah, he may smoke pot but I didn't keep the house clean enough for him and I had gained weight since we'd been together (8 pounds in three years). Which of course prompted me to ask why he had smoked before we were together etc etc etc.... So anyway, Kdub, when you say rehab, do you actually mean a rehabilitation center or do you mean meetings like AA or NA? I truly hope your wife is supportive and is encouraging you and not being combative ("It's me or the pot") because all of us need support in most of our endeavors. My guy and I have been going around and around about this for three years and he always felt he could do it on his own. He would quit smoking pot and then start drinking and when the drinking got out of control, he start with pot again because he had convinced himself tha tit was more benign and easier to quit. He is finally going to a counsellor and to AA because he realizes that the support and love he gets from me at home isn't enough. When I said before that you shouldn't be a martyr, I meant, don't be afraid to seek help. There are options other than some sort of lock down facility to hep you. And like Hula said, we are here. And one last thought, you said you can't talk to your wife, she just wants you to stop, have her look at this board (or a similar one) but don't tell her your user name. Maybe if she sees these messages, she'll be more able to be there for you.

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