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I don't know your whole situation and don't know if many have experience with this but have you tried the duragesic (fentanyl) patch? Please forgive me if I'm out of line here or not giving good advice. I know they say it's stronger than morophine and for me it really helps with my pain. I have read that it is less addicting than pain pills. The first day I had it, it was like taking one pain pill but only feeling half the strength. After a day or two the sleepiness and confusion went away. This is the best pain relief I've had and I don't have the same side effects like I did with the pills. No ups and downs, and I'm not as emotional (haven't cried once while on the patch). I cried at least twice a day while I was on the pain pills. I've read the patch is for people who have been on narcotics or are tolerant to narcotics for at least three months. I was on 5mg roxicodone (similar to percocet but without the tylenol) about 4 pills a day before I went on the patch. Is it possible to talk to your dr. about this patch if it's an acceptable thing? I really don't know since I don't have any experience with addiction but I've been dependent on pain meds since Aug when I had bulging and herniated disc in my neck. I now have another diagnosis and my dr. says one of the nerve is irritated from the injection I had.

My dr. did say that once I finish with the patch next month I have to go back on roxy (about 4 the first day and then taper off of that 3 the next, 2 the next, and then 1 the last day). He said if I did not taper off of another pain med after the patch I could have some withdrawl symptoms for a couple of days. I'm on the lowest dose 25 mcg and I think it's available in doses from 25,50 75, and 100 mcg patches. I do not feel as if there are any pain meds in me execept I have none to minor pain on the patch. I wonder because there is no side effects like the pain pills if that's why it's less addicting?

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