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Ahhhh yes the Red Bull :) I detoxed last summer for 2 weeks when I visited friends in the States. Its odd I am not sure if it was because I was ALWAYS on the go everyday or what but the only Wd symptom I really got that annoyed me was the one you take Immodium for :( lol. I took half an Ativan 0.5mg twice a day and drank Red Bulls about 3 or 4 a day they were my wonder drink :) Then I get back to Canada I find out they arent sold here they are Illegal can you believe it...something in the drink is illegal but not sure what it all seems herbal and natural. I am presently tapering down my dosage of percocet I really dont want to go the cold turkey route again and I am not going to the states untill August and I dont have any Red Bulls here :(.
So anyway.....PERCOKITTY?? Where and how are you girl? Are you doing ok? Let us know if your alright. God Bless.

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