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it starts with a s.......he was a cardiac anthestialogist(dont think i spelled that right)but he had access to potent narcotics in the hospital....i assume he was main-lining the drug....he went to a special he runs a detox clinic...must have been gods calling...hes a great guy and understands addiction....he tells me how a majority of docs out there get there patients hooked for the cash...its the same thing i was paying for the buprenorphine...its an opiate to,that they started using in europe at first for pain and detoxing opiate patients cause it takes away the withdrawal symptons but i believe from reading some of these posts people are decieved into thinking it is some kind of miracle drug...they will have w/d's just like eveyone else...when we become opiate abusers there is no cure for the w/d's...we all will have the agony of going thru them...there is no perfect answer cause even the bupe goes to your mu and kappa brain receptors and gets them to settle down until they dont have any drugs to put them to sleep...after all these years of doing opiates i pray i can quit...its the cycle of w/d's that prevents me from quitting plus i got chronic back issues...however, one day i will be free from this gorilla on my back...its a lot larger than a monkey and my brain needs a good washing...bless ya...the chef

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