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Hi, I am not sure if i am doing this correct, I have never used a message board before,so if i am doing it wrong- please let me know. I have a couple of questions rather than a response...
I am going to see a doctor tomorrow and about to start the suboxone treatement. I have been on norco (extra, extra strength vicodin) for about 2 years and other pain killers an additional 2 years before that. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and use vicodin for not only the pain but for energy. I have gone up to taking between 12-15 pills a day and want to stop, but i am very afraid of withdrawals. I took methodone (using someone else's perscription) for a period of 2 months trying to get off the vicoding and not knowing exactly what they were and then went off the pills cold turkey. Because i did not have any more pills, i ended up putting myself in rehab becuase of the severe withdrawals (i was taking 1 tablet a day- 40mg?). It was without a doubt the worst experience of my life. I went through severe withdrawals for at least 2-3 weeks. However, i did return to the vicodin thinking i would never get addictied again- what a joke, and started using more because of my tolerance level. I do not want to live my life addicted to pain killers so have decided to do the suboxone question is that i wanted to ask those of you who have used suboxone or are currently taking it- if it helped you and did you experience any withdrawals from the optiates. also, does anyone know if suboxone is addictive or difficult to stop taking and how long do you have to take it??? Sorry for the long message, but i am really nervous about tomorrow...
can anyone give me any advice??? PryncessBee
I could not agree more with what StacyVictor had to say. I am a healthy, 39 year old wife and mom of two. I was on Oxycontin for three and half years, and when I found I couldn't stop, went to a private clinic and was put on Suboxone (Buprenorphine). In October, I tried, unsuccessfully, to stop taking only my 2mg dose. My "doctor", (psychiatrist) said I would feel like I had the flu for a few days. I went into five days of horrible, skin crawling, sick-to-my-stomach, diahreaah, withdrawls. By day five, I called my doctor and he said to resume the Suboxone. I went back to him and he told me that "I just wasn't ready to stop and should try again when I was ready." That horrible experience and pain so scared me that, in desperation, I went searching on the Internet and found an Ultra Rapid Detox center in Tampa that detoxes the person under anesthesia. One experiences about 80% of the really bad withdrawls while sleeping. They give you lots of meds to stay as comfortable as possible. I am on day 19 (HALLELUIA) of detox, and although I'm still weak and in mild achey pain, it was THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE. My cousin, who was on Lorezepam, went to a 30 day detox center where they gradually weaned her, also using meds for withdrawls, etc.

In my honest opinion, and based on my own experience, Suboxone or Buprenorphine is as addicting as narcotics. I was told it has a very strong affinity for your brain receptors. I also believe that women, with different metabolisms than men, may detox differently. The studies we were shown on males ages 18 through 30 who detoxed off Subxone said they had five to 14 days of withdrawls, the worst being in the first five to seven days. I know that many here have "tapered". I tried that during the rest of October and November and it hurt like hell. I tried "cold turkey", with no assistance except my husband taking care of the kids for five days. It was awfull. In fact, when I made the appointment to go to the Detox hospital for December 10th, the head doctor in the program who preformed my procedure asked me to switch from Suboxone to Hydrocodone for at least two weeks pre-procedure, because the Hydro is easier to knock off the receptors than Buprenorphine! What does that tell you? It does it's job very well...too well. Remember, this drug has not been out for very long and they don't have a lot of experience with it. At the practice I was going to, the doctor told me that I was the first one to try. Out of all their patients! All of them are "maintaining" on Suboxone. I do believe that you can easily make the "switch" from your narcotics to Buprenorphine. It's getting off it that will be the same hard part. It's ADDICTING.

I say, find a facility that can help you detox and get lots of support after, just like I've been told here by those who have gone before. I encourage you to take a deep breath and commit to the process. It is not pleasant, but I am now talking to you from the other side. I'm a weak, pain-hating, whiner, but somehow, ONE DAY AT A TIME, I was able to do it. If you'd like to go back and read my posts you can see what I went through, starting in November of this year. I will pray you find the right way.


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