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Hey, I was on percocet for a long time and then taking Lortab 10s ( so my doctor could put refills on the Lortabs) and I dont think the withdrawals are any different although It could just be me but I believe that all scheduled ll(percocet,oxycontin,oxycodone) and schedule lll(vicodin,Lortabs,Lorcet) narcotics efect the opiate receptors in your brain and spinal column. I could be wrong but thats what I believe to be right, and when you stop taking the narcs the receptors have to start functioning again and that causes alot of the withdrawals, atleast alot of the physical part anyway.Maybe somone else can define how it works a little better than I did here? But I know that Lortab 10s seemed to be stronger than a 5/325 percocet, but the pharmacist said the percocet was a little stronger, but It sure didnt feel that way at all!!I really dont think its harder kicking hydrocodone than oxycodone, especialy oxycontin! Hope this helps you some? I would say about the same except for oxycontin.

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