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Dear Jeff: Your story sounds so familiar only I had no family to care about me and I am double your age. I went through feeling the way you do about 7 years ago. I starting shooting heroin. There was a very long time where I didn't want to get clean. I liked being high. There was nothing better. Until I lost custody of my daughter. I can honestly say without a doubt there is NOTHING good that comes from shooting drugs but death or prison. I also shot dilaudid but preferred the heroin, it was a stronger buzz. Most of the people I got high with are dead from overdosing including my husband. The reason I wanted to be high was because I was depressed. I felt like I had nothing to look forward too and when I was high I did. I was wrong. Don't get me wrong I have also been addicted to prescription meds and am currently on Suboxone but it works for the withdrawal and the depression. Even if you only think about it in the most simple terms as how much money you are wasting on drugs. It's not "cool" to have track marks on your arms, although for the longest time I did. I wanted to be different, you know the shock value, but there are other things in life, I swear. Believe me I am not conservative. I have 5 tattoos, been married to a rock star and a tattoo artist and I will be 37 in 2 weeks. You can have a full, happy and fulfilling life without drugs! Honestly, I probably don't even know what normal is, but I think I am probably feeling about as normal as you can. You are young, you have a very long life ahead of you and believe me it will be much happier when you are clean. There are so many people on this board who feel the same things you do. Although I don't post much, I read the postings faithfully everyday and it is very helpful even if it is just to know that you aren't alone. My heart goes out to you! You can do this. Move away, get away from the triggers that keep you a slave to this drug. Don't wait until you have lost something so precious as a child, a loved one or your life.


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