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I hope you take the time to look at methadone and/or buprenorphine (Suboxone/Subutex) maintenance. (they also do taper but if you have been trying to taper off yourself maintenance may be the way to go.

You may be just a few days away from relief right now.

When methadone was discovered as a maintenance medication it was in the course of an experiment with two addicts. As I recall, one was an artist and the other a workingman. The testing that was going on by Dr. Dole and Dr Nysander(sp) involved rying to see if they could be mainting on opiates. This failed and thay had agreed on using methadone to detox them but one of them siad why don't we try to maintan them on Methadone for a while to see what happens. Two days later, the artist asked for his brushes and paints and three days, the worker wanted to go back to work.

Many are being treated this way as a result of that experiment so many years ago.


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