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lortab 10 are hydrocodone hydrochloride...same as vicodin, ect....the ratio of acetphimon(whatever) is different though...i used to take anywhere from 30 - 50 a you know what its like to pop 12 in your mouth and swallow without any water...aaaarrrggghhh...but i did it for addiction started out where i would feel good after taking 2 or 3 at a 43 years old...after awhile the tolerance builds up and you need to take more to accomplish the same thing.....i did lortab 10's...percocet,oxycontin,percodan,tylox anything i could get my hands on...fentanyl patches,demerol,morphine,ect...i would get pills from the doc and from 6 -9 people i knew that got scripts and sold them for money....5 - 10 bucks a wired on heroin since it became cheaper 20 bucks, to get high and keep away the w/d's, than to buy 10 percocet's at 8 to 10 bucks a pill....the gut i got the heroin from went down to miami to cop 100 caps of heroin...when he came back home here there was two guys waiting for him...shot and killed him for the caps...there went that source and i along with 15 other addicts had to w/d off the junk....i hate to say it but that saved my life....went back on the pain med's and sought on buprenex which is injectable bupenorphine, same as butex or suboxone, which certain docs can now helps you get off the pills, and then you wean off of it...ran into a new doctor who is a recovering addict(he got the good stuff in the hospital) so he knows addiction and im back on methadone...i also have a bad back..disc problem, so it helps with my being treated for two diseases....ill wean off the meth real slow and hopefully i can get my act together...ive been using drugs for 24 years now...started with pot at age 13...did every drug...lsd 25,acid,mescaline,tab t,pills,xanax,valium,coke, get the picture....youll have to deal with opiates now for the rest of your years...remeber, its evil and you dont want to end up like me,eating 40 a day....i should be dead...had a great marriage,two good girls 9 and 12,300,000 dollar home,harleys,lots of materialistic stuff and i lost an excellent chef so ill always make big bucks but im divorced and i lost everything.....i hid it(my addiction)real good from the wife...but in the end it was kids still love me and i got a new girl, been with her for two years now....she bought a cafe for us to run and make some bucks....her mom o.d.'d and they found her mom 3 months later decomposed in a abandoned house...she is supporting me through my addiction to try and help me get clean...withdrawals stink big time,[email protected]@#*&*^%%[email protected]!#!!#@!!we are all different...ive been sick and not slept for a month at different times when i tried to get clean..legs go crazy,diahrea,flu like symptoms,cant work,mind racin...we all have them and that is what youll have to go thru to get clean....god bless ya....the chef

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