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Slow Withdrawal
Jul 21, 2003
I am a Information Technology Coordinator for a large corporation. With over 400 computers here and state-wide, they only have given me 2 technicians, slow at that. The stress has been soooo bad, I am almost 2 years behind on some tasks!!! Anyway, I went through detox last April 2002 and took 4 weeks off, I had a great boss!!! The new boss thinks crazy, work, micro-management, etc... Also, things at home have been stresfull. My fiance got staff, has been sick for sometime, my cat's had to be put to sleep this weekend, they were throwing up blood, which is how she got the staff. Now I'm actually living off of credit cards, 40 and had 2 car wrecks in 3 weeks since moving our coporate office 50 miles from home and never had a wreck before! Anyway, here's how I got back on meds! MY stomach is nervous 100% of the time, even when not at work. I'm seeing counselor's, tried everything, and now I'm up to 10 vicodin/percocet, 4 to 5 xanax a day and tolerance is growing!!! My fiance is actually a drug/alcohol couselor, and I am getting her to cut me down on a regimen, but now I'm just feeling worse since she is in bed and can hardly get out. QUESTION
Has anyone ever had success getting off of these meds by slowly going off a few days at a time? I'm trying to find another job!!! It's killing me, my nerves are shot and I'm trapped!!! PLEASE, SOMEBODY HELP. I live in Atlanta area.

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