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Some over simplified observations and questions:

To me, it seems a lot of persons coming here are concerned with trying to taper. It is not easy to see where they are... dependent or addicted but I do my best trying to see where each person who posts is at with this situation.

Usually, with respect to opiates, weaning is a possibility for the persone without an adddiction problem. I wish that an MD would help people taper. I am assuming that, since this is not a suggestion at all, I assume there is a problem going into a Doctor and admitting that they have been taking a lot more than prescribed and need help.

Question: What happend to you when the doctor found out?

In my opinion, dropping a patient off meds is the wrong thing to do. I see this board trying to help some/a lot?? of people who may be afraid of talking to their doctor out of fear. To me, a good MD would help them. Weaning them makes much better sense to me. The War on Drugs has really messed up the Doctors too.

I see a board where people try to hang in there with a lot of encoragement and some suggestions about going slow while a person is trying to do their own taper.

Are you filling a need because of the lack of competent MD help for weaning?

Everyone seems to be careful about not saying to check in with the doctor. Of course, some are very beyond that point and doing the shopping thing and may need a whole different idea like buprenorphine or methadone. Buprenorphine being the best choice if applicable. Generally, no question about addiction there. In my opinion, tapering may be a lost cause for those who are really into the addiction and maintenance is the answer except for a few(?) I'll back a taper with bup or methadone so they get their feet in the door where they know there is help for this chrinic relapsing disease.

When the MD or the current advise here does not work, then a Buprenorphine or Methadone assisted taper might be best for an opiate addict without a huge habit and/or repeated tapering attempts. If they keep relapsing the best idea to me is maintenance.

To put it another way, If unable to stay OK after a taper, then a switch to maintenance may well be in order.

Since I feel a bit alone in this assumption, although accepted:

I wonder, how you feel?

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