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Hey okie, I replied to you in the other thread, you know what makes me madd is that I talked to my pain doc, all I told him is that I was at a point where I wanted to stop this oxycontin use and that the most I had taken in one day was one over the prescribed amount, told him I was having a tuff time stopping using them and I think he brushed me off, like yea right, I dont know. Im fighting some w/ds right now, hope it dont get worse, have been taking some ultrams, not many,but they are bad enough! but right now I can manage, today is 5 days off the oxys so I hope the worse is almost over, I hope, I'll be able to tell you more tomorrow I geuss? Another bad thing is that my back is really hurting badd and I have nothing but the 2 ultrams left!

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