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Ok, I was on meth for 4+ yrs( [email protected] 70-75mgs, and 1 60mg's, 'bout 4 months of 10-35mg.) My first 2 day's, I got floored [img][/img] They started me on 30, next day 40 and 45 the 3rd. I was at a clinic, so it was liquid, but for 3 yrs I took the big 40mg discs, thet'd mash up a 1 and 3/4 or whatever mixed w/ hot water. After a year I only went 1 x a week.
Other than that, like layne's, I GOT FAT!!! 136lbs to 190+!!!!!!They didn't test for pot and I am prescribed massive amount's of benzo's, so I was in a fog the whole time [img][/img] Much better than using....But I now take 8 mg of suboxone/day, the fog lifted and most of my depression. I mean 4+ years of taking it EVERYDAY!~ I was scared to death to switch, but to think of the alternative.......... :eek: wasn't going there. No way could I take 4 months of w/d's...Imagine!
About the swelling, when I would double up, the next morning and my hands and legs would have "pins and needles" and were swelled! BAD!!
Also all the same symptom's- nasua(I controlled w/ pot)
constpation and vivid dreams. I was REALLY lazy!!!
just putting my experience w/ it, hope something help's

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