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i finally got in to see one of the Drs. in my area (Ohio) who is certified to prescribe Bup. She told me that in this area, the regimen must be initiated in-patient, was not indicated at all for pain (only heroin and other opiate addiction) and that there was nothing she could prescribe for me. I really did want to give it a try...have heard so many positives as we've all discussed. She let me leave with no hope for that type of maintenance unless I wanted to voluntarily do a full buprenorphine detox
in the hospital. She even suggested that I'm not a "bup candidate"...perhaps to do a taper using some other meds. The thing is, I'm "up in years" and a chronic relapser. I so wanted to be stabilized for once. I keep reading about people getting prescriptions for subutex or temgesic or whatever. My question for those who have managed to get prescriptions is do you do it??? I go to Dr. after Dr. and come up empty --it's very depressing as well as costly. Any advice??? MScontin you have helped before, maybe you have some words of wisdom. ....thank you again...Linda, the oldtimer from Cleveland

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