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I wanted to inform everyone of my impressions of Suboxone (almost) a week later.
I am so glad that I did go to the doctor and get on it. I was not feeling great for about two days, but it was infinitely better than I would have felt detoxing cold turky. and after about 2-3 days, I felt great. I switched from the Subutex to the Suboxone on Friday and still feel really good.

What has impressed me most, aside from getting to escape all the nastiness of withdrawal from narcotics, is the sense of well-being I feel. Although i have been able to put together 6 months of sobriety at other times, and have gone through the typical roller coaster cycle of being clean, and then relapsing, and then trying to stay clean again....SO many times.
My difficulty has been that even when i was "clean" I was not happy. I missed the feeling that drugs gave me. I craved a lot, and obsessed a lot, and felt hopeless and sad and irritable a lot.
This time, even though I've only been "clean" a week, it has been such a different experience. I feel content, and hopeful and able to enjoy life again. Sure, I do have moments of thinking about that feeling that narcotics gave me, but for the most part any cravings are fleeting and manageable.
I realize that in some ways I've just replaced one drug for another, and that I feel good because my opiod receptors are filled to an extent, but since my alternative always ended up being committing more felonies to get my drugs, and having to worry about what if i get caught and how i could get more and more to satisfy my "need"...well, I don't feel too bad about taking legal, doctor prescribed "drugs" instead.
I wish that 12-step programs worked for me, and I still do go to meetings, but I've never felt much relief from NA/AA. I have a sponsor and try to work the steps, and really admire those who find that 12-step programs work for them, but for me, it was always a struggle.

My concern now is that my doctor doesn't intend to keep me on the suboxone as a maintenance measure, he only gave me enough for detox purposes. I see him next week, and I really want to "convince" him to let me stay on suboxone. it's the first time in a LONG time that I feel "good", without the narcotics, and I don't want this feeling to go away.

So I'd love any suggestions from people who have been put on maintenance dosages of suboxone by their did you get him to do this?

I just wanted to put a follow-up of my experience to say that obviously suboxone isn't for everyone. And I can understand not wanting to substitute one drug for another. But for me at least, I feel good and hopeful and strong, which I haven't felt in a long time. And I don't feel high or drugged. Hopefully I can keep this good streak going! Only one week, but every day feels good :)

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Congratulations on feeling good with suboxone.

I noticed you said you didn't feel too well the first 2-3 days. Did you withdraw from the pills first? before you started the suboxone? I hear that this is recommended. I ask because I was put on suboxone on 2 separate occasions (I'm on it now as a maintenance drug).

The first time, I went straight from oxycontin and vicodins to suboxone, and went into immediate withdrawals and it was the worst withdrawal I had ever experienced as I had detoxed medically before..I don't know about cold turkey. Then I relapsed because of it.

But then I went to another Dr. and he said it was best to wait at least 48-72 hours (and he helped me detox; it wasn't that bad) just prior to taking the suboxone; and this time it was great. It has helped me sooo much.

I also understand the whole being clean thing and not being happy; missing the feeling the drugs gave me; that's why I ultimately decided on suboxone.

Don't be too hard on yourself for substituting one drug for another. It's "treatment" - that's the way you should look at it, and it seems like the best option based on what you said about your struggle.

I'm sorry your Dr. won't maintain you on it though. I had no problem convincing my Dr.; it was a given; he thought it was best; everybody thought it was best. So I am maintained at 4mg/day at this point; and I feel pretty good. Still get cravings, but better than the alternative.

Good luck.


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