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So I'd love any suggestions from people who have been put on maintenance dosages of suboxone by their did you get him to do this?

I was in an outpatient treatment center and I kept relapsing over and over again, this DR, who is the Director of the Hospital and the program recommended I go on it. He actually wanted to put me on naltrexone at first, but I couldn't get enough clean time to get on that, so this was his next option. I have more than stress than most, and don't really care to get into here, but he felt that the likely hood of me getting clean at this point wasn't gonna work without this. He however, just wanted me to be on it for a few months till I got a good program going through NA and my Church, then he intends to wean me off. I am actually going to ask him to wean my off next week when I see him, cause I have to pay 250.00 a month to pay for these little buggers and I have been clean before for 2 yrs and feel that with things getting better with me, I have a better shot at staying clean. I wouldn't want to be on these forever, for me personally, I still don't call my self clean and I just don't have that happy, peaceful feeling I had when I was working a good program through NA, thats just me. But this did its job getting me off of the vicodin. I also want to say I have gone 4 days without taking suboxone and the withdrawels are nothing like vicodin withdrawels at all.I was able to function, I felt depressed and somewhat anxious but not like the world was ending like you do with vicodin. I still would rather be tapered off that just quit it. So I would talk to you DR and tellk him what your plan is, He probably doesn't want you on it indefinately without working a program, that is some DR's philosophy, my DR calls is buying time, he tells me we are just buying you time to get your program going and thats what it really is, buying time. Good luck to you with your Doc, Dani

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