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Hi here is my story.
About a year ago, I seriously injured myself weightlifting which resulted in a ruptured disc in my lumbar regoin.

My doctor gave me percocet for pain which i was already familiar with,but not addicted to, and was very happy about the pills.

In one year my useage went right up to 20-30 pills a day.(I was getting lots from the street through friends etc.etc.)

I never knew at the time what oxycontin was, but when it was offered to my, i bought it up, and i was very happy because i did not have to take so many pills to remain high and not in pain.
In a short time i was up to 500-700 MG's a day and realized i am in trouble. I had to come clean with my very devoted girlfriend and my doctor who were both very surprised.
I own and operate a very busy cosmopolitan restaurant which can be very stressful, which caused my to never face this problem because the phyiscal withdrawls, were way to stressfull for me to manage. Belive me I tried many times, I couldn't even find the strengh to wean myself, for whatever reason.
So, I have decided to take 2 and 1/2 weeks off of work and face my battles. I am on day 3 and suffering. I am going on a all inclusive resort in 7 days for 1 week. Will I ever be the same? How long will these symptons last? I feel that if i can beat the physical symptoms, then I feel that i will be ok.(I hope), this is also the last chance for me to come clean and return to work noraml, if I fail, I could be facing this for the rest of my life....

Anyone with similar situations? Any Advice?
Thansk in advance

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