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Nakedlunch, sounds like you are giving this quite a bit of thought, good for you. A previous post told you to avoid the party scene if you can't resist - great advice. There are many things to do and people to do them with that are not drug related.

When I was younger, late 60's early 70's everyone was smoking pot - I tried it and it gave me panic attacks.
I did have a few times I enjoyed it but the fear of racing, pounding heart, sweaty palms etc. was greater than any pleasure I got from it. I was fortunate in not being very experimental with drugs, for the most part I believed the negative things - LSD, you may never return from your trip is one example. Sad to say many people I knew im my younger years were never able to overcome their fasination with drugs, some have fried their brains for good. In a few years you too will know some people like that if you don't already.

You can get addicted to anything - Afrin nose spray used to be perscription only, well I got addicted to it, couldn't breathe without it, my doctor wouldn't give me another perscription and I suffered for many days. My daughter prides herself on not using drugs, what she started using and got addicted to was GHB.
I am sure you know what it is because it is part of the club drug group. Please stay away from it - far away. When she first started using it she bought it from Gold's Gym and GNC stores. She was very addicted to it before it became illegal. She still has a problem with it and when I read the bottle (NRG3) it cured everything in the world that was wrong with you, if you were fat, you lost weight, if you were thin, you got muscle, if you were tired it gave you energy. Sounds too good to be true - it is. It does let you stay up and party all night if you don't pass out.

Motherly advice from me: change your friends, think about where you want to be in 5 years, think of the long term brain damage you might do to yourself, think of your mother, it kills mothers to watch their children do harmful things.

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