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100-120 mgs per day. How do you take them, 3 every 6 hrs or 6 every 12 hrs or..... Stopping CT (cold turkey as they say) from 4 months at 100-120mgs per day will not be to much fun, but not as bad as 300-400mgs per day. So you have several choices, the two most prevalent are CT and tapering. We can start with CT, if you can work with your family Dr and explain where you are at and that you need help getting off them that would be the best scenario. Thatís what I did. Typically they use Valium at max strength per day for the first 3-4 days then taper off, the Valium helps with anxiety, restlessness and overall discomfort as well as providing the ability to sleep. Also phenergan for nausea, clonidine patch or pills helps with chills, gooseflesh, and shakiness, Imodium for the runs, bentyl for stomach and leg cramps and Ambien for sleep and Robaxisal for overall aches and pains. Also used to help with increasing energy levels, L-tyrosene (2000-4000mg per day), vitamin B6, Vitamin C and strong wide-spectrum mineral supplement with at least 100% RDA of Zinc, Phosphorus, Copper and Magnesium.

If you canít utilize your Dr then use the following over the counter meds that will help with the W/D. bendryl, enough for 3-5 days. Imodium, L-tyrosene (2000-4000mg) from GNC or Sams club etcÖ, vitamin B6, Vitamin C and strong wide-spectrum mineral supplement with at least 100% RDA of Zinc, Phosphorus, Copper and Magnesium. If you have access to Valium or Librium consider using it, if not you will still be fine. The L-tyrosene and vitamins will help with energy and absorbing the opiates. Multiple hot baths or showers will help with the aches and pains and skin crawling. Exercise like walking etcÖ helps immensely. When you get to day 4 start the vitamins and L-tyrosene.

If you choose the taper method I want to provide a disclaimer, this method is very difficult to complete. You have to be disciplined, strong will and not cheat which is very hard because you know that by just taking a few extra pills all the pain and W/D temporarily go away. When you cheat you donít gain ground you loose it. Typically taper is by increasing the time between the doses of pills and by default this decreases the amount of hydro you take daily. I worked up a taper schedule for ďRootĒ that you can find here [url=""][/url] This was based on Root taking 25 pills per day, based on you taking 12 per day at some interval you should be able to adjust this schedule to meet your needs, I can help you if necessary. Rico suggested you can maybe cut in half what your taking now and not feel to much pain. That may be true you will only know if you try, so you could try 6 pills per day at the same interval you were using. If it works then taper slowly from there. The key to not getting to many W/D is not reducing more then 5-10% every 2-3 days or so. Taper is difficult and you will feel a level of discomfort, energy drain, mental instability, etcÖ and itís down right hard to stay at plan when your not 100% like you were when taking pills freely. Like Iíve said before Iíve done it both ways, I like to take things head on but I just could not home detox from almost 400mg per day, the W/D was more then I could handle and inpatient detox wasnít mentally acceptable for me either. When I got my daily intake to 20mgs per day I went CT. Iíve CT from 40 mgs earlier before first relaspe and that wasnít to bad at all.

Which ever way you choose to go you may find this to be one of the more difficult things you have ever done in your life, but it will be one of the most important quality of life improvements you can ever take. Get your choice decided, get your game plan in order, your meds at hand, count to 3 and grip it and rip it. In the scheme of things to get clean and back to normal life drug free is not that much time needed. And if you have read Tim or Okie or others, being drug free brings a wonderful life back to the forefront and you will be amazed at how great you will feel and how great life can be. Iím personally almost 8 month drug free now and it just keeps getting better and better. Iím really in love with life now and my family likes me a whole lot better now also lol. Win win for everyone.

Good luck my friend.

I'm so darned long-winded, sorry!


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