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You've gotten alot of good advice-but i wanted to respond to your post-as i know and relate to where you are right now-
My advice-from my experience w/ long term heavy opiate addiction is good news..YOU CAN DO THIS.
#1-your on a reasonable dose-that whether you choose a taper or in /out patient detox-you should be able to withstand the w/d's-the problem is pain-what is your alternative-
Have you considered methadone-one dose daily for pain-and addiction-its tough to come off methadone-but its an option-also suboxone-which can be used for moderate pain-but is used to maintain addicts-for a short term detox-
So much wonderful advice given here-i don't need to elaborate much-but i got a good feeling you'll be getting it going soon-and i wish you the best.
Support like AA/Na-couseling/therapy is essential-as no one needs to do this alone-
Good luck!

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