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howdy bowtie and stacyvicter i will do my best to answer your questions with my experiences.suboxone is pill that contains a sch 3 narcotic and naloxone that you dissolve under your tongue.the narcotic takes the place of the herion or the pain pills that a person is abusing.i felt no withdrawals whatsoever when i began treatment.2nd-as far as i know it is used only for treatment of addiction to opiate based narcotics and it does work if a person is serious about getting clean.3rd-any dr can prescribe suboxone if they have taken an eight hr training seminar on addiction and this medication.4th- i think you can get hooked on it like everything else, only it is supposed to be easier to taper down off of.the trick being not to taper to quickley5th-yes you can very much quit suboxone,stacy said that she talked with the drug manufacture and they said to stay on it the rest of your life.this is a lot of bull according to my dr.he told me the manufacturer wants people to be on it forever because of all the money it makes for them.think about it.granted there are some people that will have to be on it forever but what determines this is what types of drugs a person has been using,how long a person has been using,how many times a person has relapsed while on the suboxone,how healthy a person is, and other factors the point being is that a person can sucessfully use the suboxone and also taper off of it if the dr decides for you to.But again in my opinion nothing is going to work unless a person is ready for it to.i think i answerd all your questions hope this helps out.also stacy, i to get constipated from the suboxone but i can handle it better than the pills

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