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I also have severe TMJ and am addicted to codeine. It's been since November and I'm up to 12 to 20 pills per day. At first it started with legitimate back pain, but then quickly turned into helping with my depression. I consider it pain pills for my emotional pain. Anyway, for the time being if you have real pain, continue to take the meds but be careful not to increase the dosage and see a dentist to get a mouth makes a HUGE differnce. It costs around $350 and hopefully you have insurance to help. If not, it is so worth it. I've found that Diclofenac (sp?) is absolutely the best non narcotic pain medicine for TMJ. It's an anti-inflammatory with no side effects and knocks out the TMJ pain (for me). The main thing is that early on you are realizing that codeine is addictive and are willing to suffer the pain to not be on them. Enjoy the fuzzies while you can because that kind of pain isn't necessary and as long as you are doing something to treat the TMJ don't feel guilty because as soon as the jaw pain is overwith you can quit. That's what pain pills are for...pain. I'm sure the manufacturers are aware of the pleasurable side effects and since you are realizing early on the addictive qualities, it sounds like another month or two of careful usage won't get you to the point I'm at. Good luck and I hope all turns out well...

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