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do not take methadone it is the hardest to get off of i detoxed last year i did it by going to mexico and did ibogaine but still after i came home from mexico i was going through w/ds bad i went to the er 6xs i wanted to die my opinion do not touch methadone....for example i did heroin for 10 yrs. i kicked heroin in 4 days but methadone was the worst in my life and i have been a drug addict for 20 yrs. and methadone is the worst to get off. now i'm trying to detox from vicodin i've been on them for 7 months stupid me BUT they really help my back anyway....i was taking 10 a day and believe it or not i REALLY was taking them as prescribed but i still got addicted i'm down to 3 a day plus i take valium clonidine elavil i cannot afford to go inpatient i played now i pay but i did realize i can NEVER take narcotis again.....i would rather have back pain then these damm w/ds but i did i to myself.....i'll get off these i'm doind it it 5 day intervals...anyways PLEASE there are other ways to detox beside that devil methadone....."k"
Just in my opinion~ I was on Meth for 7 days and had a reaction that caused my tongue to swell twice the size and I had over 100 tiny blisters all over it~ My Pain Management doctor answer "Well I don't think your damn tongue is going to fall off." What an ass huh? The withdrawl I had started on Sunday evening, last pill on Friday. I had a continous panic attack of the feeling of not being able to breath, pacing the floors, muscle cramps, etc. for three days until finally Tuesday morning I checked myself into a Detox Center. Thus, after only taking the meth for 7 days! That is my experience with the Meth but it might work for other but it is a chance I wouldn't take. Like I said before~ Just my opinion~

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